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Category:Relic Armor is the Kingdom of Sky "class armor". It requires an armor component and three gem components.

Armor Components

Slot Armor Type
Plate Chain Leather Cloth
Chest Relic Plate Breastplate Relic Chain Chestguard Relic Leather Tunic Relic Silk Robe
Feet Relic Plate Sabatons Relic Chain Boots Relic Leather Boots Relic Silk Slippers
Forearms Relic Plate Gussets Relic Chain Bracers Relic Leather Wristguards Relic Silk Cuffs
Hands Relic Plate Gauntlets Relic Chain Gloves Relic Leather Gloves Relic Silk Gloves
Head Relic Plate Barbute Relic Chain Coif Relic Leather Skullcap Relic Silk Cap
Legs Relic Plate Greaves Relic Chain Leggings Relic Leather Leggings Relic Silk Pantaloons
Shoulders Relic Plate Spaulders Relic Chain Mantle Relic Leather Shoulder Pads Relic Silk Cowl
Plate Chain Leather Cloth

Gem Components

These gems typically drop in Kingdom of Sky zones, though the current theory holds that the most frequent drops happen in instances off The Bonemire such as The Halls of Fate and The Den of the Devourer.

Slot Archetype
Fighter Mage Scout Priest
Chest Pristine Moonstone Pristine Chrysoberyl Pristine Ruby Pristine Obsidian
Feet Exquisite Pearl Immaculate Amethyst Flawless Jade Refined Ruby
Forearms Exquisite Onyx Immaculate Gold Beryl Flawless Turquoise Refined Quartz
Hands Exquisite Peridot Immaculate Garnet Flawless Red Beryl Refined Topaz
Head Exquisite Opal Immaculate Sapphire Flawless Amber Refined Aquamarine
Legs Exquisite Emerald Immaculate Bloodstone Flawless Azurite Refined Black Pearl
Shoulders Exquisite Malachite Immaculate Nephrite Flawless Rose Quartz Refined Adamantite
Fighter Mage Scout Priest
Note: Three of each gem are needed.

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