The Court of the Blades: Dukarem's Assault  

Level50 - 60
TypeInstanced Indoor
ExpansionDesert of Flames

This instanced version of The Court of the Blades is accessible by those who have completed all Court of the Blades progression quests. It has a 3 day lockout on success, 1 hour on failure.

When you enter, you'll be faced with barricades that block your progress, and the first floor will be filled with deceived Blades guards. You'll have to fight your way to the barricades and attack them to remove them, and soon afterward the doors to the balcony will open. Move quickly, because you've got to break up the father/son duel before Dukarem can finish off Dukaris. Once you've reached them on the upper balcony, Dukarem will tell the guards to kill both of you and will retreat to a high balcony across the room. You'll have to split your efforts between protecting Dukaris from the guards that will constantly spawn and attack him, and pursuing Dukarem. You can reach him by climbing the wall decorations on either side of the wall opposite Dukaris. At the top of each climb you'll find a safety mechanism, but the left one opens the right side door and vice versa, so you'll need to pull one and then climb the other wall to reach Dukarem on his balcony. Defeat him and he'll drop Dukarem's Piece of a Broken Medallion.

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