A Clockwork Apocalypse  

Level80 - 80
TypeInstanced Indoor
ExpansionThe Shadow Odyssey


Level 80 to 80 (Group)
Quest The Broken Pen
Required by all? Yes
This instance is a copy of Starcrest Commune, but trapped in an alternate timeline where clockworks invaded Qeynos.

Clockomatic 3000, in Antonica
Clockomatic 3000, in Antonica
The entrance to the zone is in Antonica. Find a large gear on the ground, with some wrecked gnome-gizmos around it, at -978, 11, 714 . NOTE: The gear is a Clockomatic 3000, a time-travel device. You will see another one, later...

The clockwork battlers and dismantlers are all 80-82 double-up but seem to have fewer hit-points than would be normal for Heroic mobs. The clockwork scavengers are 79 one-up. All of the bots have fairly large aggro ranges and are highly social so you can expect adds.

The safest path to the enchantress is along the north wall. From the docks, go north along the east wall to the Qeynos gate, then west along the north wall. This path will require the fewest number of kills.

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