The Broken Pen  

Initiate this quest by examining the broken mechanical pen you received from the first quest.

  1. Go to Antonica
  2. A Clockomatic 3000, in Antonica
    A Clockomatic 3000, in Antonica
    Click on a large gear at -978,11,714 and enter a strange portal to A Clockwork Apocalypse.
    • All members of your group must be on this step or they cannot enter with you.
  3. Kill 10 of the clockworks (79^-82^^). They are soloable but difficult, and they are social!
  4. Search for more clues within the zone
    • Go to 849,-20,279 and talk to a time-locked enchantress.
  5. Find a descendant of Rilgor Plegnog in Qeynos Harbor.
    • Talk to Sarbith Plegnog at 723,-20,-75
  6. You need to fix the pen to trade for the robe.
    1. Head to Fens of Nathsar and talk to Fixademic Gughlis ( -593,-204,-1338 ) at the Drogan Exile Camp.
    2. Fixademic needs 8 gears to fix the pen.
      1. They are found by the Nurgan Mines. Kill any Nurgan goblin in Nurga area for the updates. This includes the guards at the advance camp along the trail.
      2. Return to Fixademic.
    3. Return to Sarbith Plegnog
  7. Go back to the Clockomatic 3000 in Antonica to return to A Clockwork Apocalypse.
    • NOTE: The zone will have re-spawned so you will have to kill your way back to the enchantress.
  8. Give the metallic robe to the enchantress.

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