One if by Sea  

This quest is given by Lute after you finish the Hunt for the Greenmist quest.

You are to find the signal lantern for the orc raiding ship 'The Greenmist', signal it to bring it to the coast, then board it and free the captives.

  • Find information on the location of the lamp. Examine the posters hanging in the mess tents surrounding Deathfist Citadel. One will be an order to retrieve the lamp fragments and repair it.
  • Find the base to the Lamp of Orllis (Derris Camp/Base)
  • Find the staff to the Lamp of Orllis (Drunder Camp)
  • Find the basin to the Lamp of Orllis (Gorynn Camp)

These three items are on the ground inside the three mess tents.

  • Take the repaired lamp to the top of Titan's Tower to send a false signal to 'The Greenmist'. You will be jumped by three level 40 orcs when you do this.
  • Go back to Blackhook Landing in Siren's Cove and kill the Greenmist rowers there
  • Click one of the rowboats to be taken to the 'The Greenmist'
  • Defeat the orcs on 'The Greenmist' and rescue the gnomes being held hostage
  • Return to Lute for reward and the final quest - Overseas Mail.

Hunt for the Greenmist Zek, the Orcish Wastes
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Overseas Mail
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