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Quest Series
Starting ZoneZek, the Orcish Wastes
Rec. Levels30 to 40
Previous Thundering Steppes Quest Series
Next Feerrott Quest Series
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EverQuest II
Quest Series

Zone Progression Series

Far Seas Trading Company

Mess Sergeant Akseltz - on east pier of the Warship Dock

  1. Avoiding a Hot Bath (30)
  2. Berries Below the Sea (31)
  3. Looking for Lost Crates (32)
  4. A Spicy Mission (33)
  5. A Swill Time (34)

Quint Cerlius M.E. - at Three Toe's Watering Hole

  1. Innocence and Allegiance (32)
  2. Manifest Destiny (32)
  3. Tools of the Mistrade (33)
  4. Reports from the Borderland (33)
  5. Little Lost Landing (33)

The Fate of Beechlilly

Birchbark Oakleaf - at Refuge

  1. The Search for Beechlilly (34)
  2. The Root of the Problem (34) - requires 140 gathering skill
  3. Dispatch Some Orcs (34)
  4. Crystal Clear (34)
  5. Wood You Avenge Her (36)

Assisting the Green Hoods

Lute and Orca - In a camp behind some trees near Deathfist Lookout
Most of the quests in this series reward one piece of the Frontiersman Leather armor set

  1. Marching Madness (36)
  2. Deathfist Cryptology 101 (37)
  3. Starving For Information (38)
  4. Like a Clockwork Time Bomb (39)
  5. Maintaining the Grassblade Flow (40)
  6. Hunt for the Greenmist (39)
  7. One If By Sea (39)
  8. Overseas Mail (39) - leads to the Feerrott Quest Series
Note: Although the last step of this quest series leads you to the Feerrott Quest Series, you can choose to start the Feerrott quests sooner (around level 35).

Additional Quests

Note: Catapult Ammo Suppliers, Far Seas Supplier - Blood Ore Pick, Utilitarian Desires of the Miners and Disrupting the Mining Operation all require you to kill Vallon miners so it is advisable to do these quests together, if possible.

Warship Dock and Fort

Hammer - up the ladder on the inner wall

  1. Mettle Testing (30)
  2. Short Range Patrol (34)
  3. The Tallon Plunder Chests (30)
  4. Keys For Hammer (30)
  5. Disrupting the Mining Operation (30)
All of the above quests give you a choice of any of the Emerald Hide armor pieces.

Division Supplier Gaertarn - near dock - Note: harvesting skills of 140 are required

  1. Far Seas Supplier - Gate Clasp (30) - requires Gathering skill of 140
  2. Far Seas Supplier - Black Sap (30) - requires Gathering skill of 140
  3. Far Seas Supplier - Blood Ore Pick (32)
  4. Far Seas Supplier - Snake Menace (33)
  5. Far Seas Supplier - Siren Subterfuge (37) - requires Forestry and Mining skills of 140
  6. Far Seas Supplier - Elven Attack (33)

Augurs - in fort

  1. The Angry Augur's Three Meanings of Life (30)
  2. The Meandering Augur's Three Meanings of Life (30) - requires Gathering skill of 90

Ismena Cellus - on dock

  1. Reliving the Past (30)

Hoggle Bogstrutter - on dock

  1. Scattered Notes (30)
  2. A Paradise Dream World (33)
  3. A Tour of the Feerrott (40) - in The Feerrott
  4. The Lost Idols of Modinthule (40) - in The Temple of Cazic-Thule

Object-Triggered Quests

Tombstone Quests

  1. Hail to the Tallon Heroes (31)
  2. Hail to the Vallon Heroes (35)
  3. Hail to the Sullon Heroes (38)
  4. Hail to the Derris Heroes (37)

Bootstrutter Quests

  1. Bootstrutter's Trail Guide to West Zek (32)
  2. Bootstrutter's Trail Guide to Old Grove (34)
  3. Bootstrutter's Trail Guide to the Badlands (36)

Utilitarian Desires series

Item-Triggered Quests

Alchemist's Components

Leelee Brewbubble has concluded her research and refilled her supplies, and will be returning home very soon. She is only waiting for a few orders to come in. All of the quest starters for the quests below have already been removed from the drop tables.

Item Triggered Quests

The Green Hoods series

  1. Operation Green Hood (39) - from Shadow at Warship Dock

Three Toe's Valley

  1. Into the Vallon Foundry (34) - from The Glademaster
  2. Give the Key to the Glademaster (31) or Give the Key To Captain Vulis (30) (see Notes, below)
  3. The Rescue of the Green Hoods (40 Heroic) - from Sashra Thaltalis, Short Sword of the Ykesha HQ

These quests may all be done at the same time, and take place inside Deathfist Citadel. It is recommended you get them when you start The Rescue of the Green Hoods!


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