There Will Be Ghosts  

According to Gninja the group size for this zone is restricted to three players. [1] Mercenaries work in this zone.

Like many recent "special event" zones, the Haunted Mansion zone is the quest. You will receive the quest every time you enter the zone. Although this quest is infinitely repeatable, there are only 3 rewards, and you will have a choice of one of them every time.

This quest will scale to level, as will all mobs within the zone. Also, while it is listed as heroic and you do have to fight some heroic mobs, they don't hit as hard as they should, nor do they have as many hit points.


Once you enter the house, step forward, then back. Timmy River's ghost will appear and go up the stairs, spawning 3 vampires (equal to your level or one below, heroic).

A red key will fall off the east side of the stairs. ( -5.09, -0.99, -10.58 )

Music Room

Now you have the key, go to the west door and open it. Inside is a ghost (Tami Rivers). He will abuse you and disappear. You need the song book from the piano.

On taking the book, you will be attacked by 3 more vampires (heroic again). Kill them and take the green key at 23.49, -1, 6.67 . It's on the bottom shelf.

Family Room

This room is accessed through the lobby and the east door. It is locked, but you have the key! Once inside, grab the torch off the wall next to the door and start burning coffins. Every time you do this, a vampire will spawn. It'll either be your level, or one level below. In both cases, it is a solo mob.

Once all the coffins around the edges are burnt, you can open the middle one. Right-click and select open, then right-click and select force open. Some bats will come out and a red key is inside. Take it. Leave the room, go up the stairs to the landing and take the left staircase. At the top, you will see a skeleton half-sticking out of the wall. Walk through the wall.

Parent's Bedroom

Blood rune on floor of Joanne's Room
Blood rune on floor of Joanne's Room
Use the key on the door and enter the room. Joanne Rivers is there and will abuse you before disappearing. Take the perfume bottle on the vanity at 33.43, 6.96, -29 .

Pick up the red key on the bedside table at 24.41, 6.97, -21.96 . Leave the room and 3 more heroic vampires will spawn in the hallway. Kill them and go to the door across from you.

Third Floor

Go back out the secret door, across the stairs, through the other door, down the hall and up the stairs.

Children's Room

Tami and Timmy Rivers are here. Get the boomerang off one bed ( -20.35, 20, 4.73 ) and the stuffed animal off the other ( -22.55, 20, -4 ) .


East down the hallway you will find the final room. Here you will find a tiny apparition. Take the baby rattle at -52.43, 19.19, 26.94 .

The Ritual

Now you have all the parts, go back downstairs to the Music Room and pick up the Spell Book located at 17.68, -0.34, -2.71 . This will put an item in your inventory. Right-click it to complete the ritual.

Sarkon D'Ryil will spawn (Single up, equal level). Fight him to half health and he will run to the Foyer. A loyal swarm of vampire bats will attack you (equal level, double down). Kill these.

Beat Sarkon to half health again and then follow him to the Family Room. More bats will attack you when you open the door, except this time there are 2 of them. Kill these and go into the room.

Beat him to half health... AGAIN... and watch him flee to the dumb waiter. Double-click it to follow Sarkon to the Basement.


Follow the corridor and beat up another group of bats. Carry on and kill "A Protective Bat" (no arrows, equal level).

Sarkon is at the end. Finally kill the bugger and then give yourself time to heal if you can, preferably staying away from the mirror.

Something with a red outline will come towards you in the mirror. When it reaches the end, a double-height copy of yourself will spawn (one level above you, ^^ heroic). Kill this to complete the quest. Backtrack to the dumbwaiter and get out of the house.

The Secret Library

After clearing the zone, head back to the flight of stairs. At the first landing, you should now be able to click the giant painting on the wall. This will open up to reveal a staircase!

Go up the stairs and straight to the back. On the second shelf from the bottom there will be a single, small book on a shelf. This book, Destroy All Vampires!, will give you the coveted Lore and Legend: Vampire quest. (Note - if you already have the quest you cannot pick up the book).


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  1. ^ Forums post by Gninja.

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