Nights of the Dead (EQ2 Live Event)  

The Nights of the Dead is the annual Halloween Live Event. It generally runs from Mid-October through Mid-November.

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Help keep all your alts organized with our Nights of the Dead Quest Tracker!

The quests are ordered from most recent to oldest introduction to the event.

Candy Guide! You can find a copy of our candy guide on the Candy Crusher page!

The Nektulos Shaman

Setri Lur'eth, the Ritualistic Shaman at the north-west end of the beach in Nektulos Forest, is asking adventurers to retrieve her granddaughter from within Charnel Hollow. A second quest added in 2014 sends you on a wild adventure.

  1. Survive the Night (2011)
  2. A Dream By Any Other Name (2014)

Ghost Hunter Competition

This game replaces the Trick-or-Treat game, and is typical of holiday races. See the event starter in Antonca and Commonlands near the city gates! These are positioned so that players can do both regardless of alignment. (2012)

The Hedge Hollow

Speak to Altius Volfban at Port Naythex in Nektulos Forest. You will be sent to The Hedge Hollow several quests. (2009)

  1. A Nightmarish Illness - Altius is too weak now to continue his search for a cure! Someone should help him... (cannot be repeated)
  2. A Nightmarish Return - The condensed version of A Nightmarish Illness (repeatable)
  3. Train to Zone! - Speak to a terrified gnome any run through the maze beyond your original (repeatable once every 18 hours)

Haunted Mansion

Speak to Freid Deekat (evil alignment) or speak to Skeer Deekat (good alignment/exile) to be sent on a mission that will reveal your inner self. They are found at:

  • Gorowyn at the bottom of the city by the water at 2573, 8, 1229
  • Haven at -42, -69, -56
  • Kelethin at 284, 106, 134
  • Neriak near the docks at 17, 4, 327
  • New Halas near the center of the city at -103, 147, -13
  • North Qeynos outside Sneed's at 288, -20, -51
  • West Freeport outside the bank at 182, -4, -81

You will be sent to Loping Plains several quests. (2008)

  1. This Won't End Well... (repeatable once per year)
  2. There Will Be Ghosts (repeatable)
  3. They Won't Miss It - on a repeat run, open a chest in the upper level of the mansion (non-repeatable)

My Creepy Catalog

This quest can only be obtained from a Volunteer Guide except on Test where Falcra Nightwanderer will offer the quest in Nektulos Forest during the event.

McQuibble's Farm

Solve the mystery of McQuibble's Farm in Antonica and save Ponchy's pies! Speak to Ponchy Shorttoe in Windstalker Village to begin the series. All four quests are repeatable once per year. (2005)

  1. Petrified Pumpkin Pies (25)
  2. McQuibble's Mystery (Scales to Level)
  3. Scary Scarecrows (25)
  4. The Troubling Truth (Scales to Level - Epic)

Having two versions of these quests in your completed quest journal will make them not repeatable once per year. You will have to petition to get one set of the quests removed to fix this. Alternatively, you can do this yourself by going into your Antonica completed quests category and highlighting the old version of the duplicate quests. This will remove them for you automatically.

The Haunted House

Scarecrow and Jack O'Lanterns in North Qeynos
Scarecrow and Jack O'Lanterns in North Qeynos
In North Qeynos or West Freeport you can explore The Haunted House with the quest:


NEW in 2014!! Players can purchase a Pumpkin Bomb from a Nights of the Dead Merchant for two Candy Corn. When one uses it to bomb other players, the mysterious pumpkins will contain collectibles (and the occasional tree).

Pumpkin Pulper Collections
Crunchy Candied Crickets
Deadly Remnants
Frightfull Fabric
Ghoulish Masks
The Great Haunt (meta)


Speak to your local Nights of the Dead Merchant to acquire your holiday crafting scrolls. The Nights of the Dead merchants can be found in Darklight Wood, Freeport, Gorowyn, Haven, Kelethin, Maj'Dul, Neriak, New Halas, Qeynos. Click on any of the areas to get a map with the merchant's location pinpointed!

These recipes' primary ingredients are the various candies that drop from creatures throughout the world during Nights of the Dead.

Recipe Scrolls

These are all purchased from the NotD Merchant

Creepy Candy

Grabby Gigglegibber will help you condense all your candies into one type -- Candy Corn! He can be found in Darklight Wood, Freeport, Gorowyn, Haven, Kelethin, Maj'Dul, Neriak, New Halas and Qeynos. Follow any of the city links for a map displaying his location.

This candy only drops during Nights of the Dead and is used in holiday crafting recipes and as event currency. Go to any item's page to see a complete list of what drops it, but generally speaking, each candy drops off a specific creepy mob type. In 2012 Skyshrine, Withered Lands, Qeynos and Freeport undead and creepy crawlie beasts all now drop candy.

With 2013, skeletons (a calcified skeleton) spawning in Antonica, the Commonlands, and Nektulos Forest agro at player's level and have a 50% chance of dropping NoTD treats. "Nights of the Dead treats" (candy) were also added loot from Chains of Eternity (Eidolon Jungle, Obol Plains, & dungeons), Cobalt Scar, and Siren's Grotto undead and creepy crawly beasts.

Candy Corn Caramels Cherry Gumdrops
Chocolate Bar Chocolate Buttons Cotton Candy
Cupcake Chewing Gum Fruit Flavored Hard Candy
Fudge Green Chocolate Buttons Gum Ball
Gumdrops Gummy Worms Jawbreaker
Jelly Beans Licorice Candy Licorice Rope
Lollipop Marshmallows Nutty Chocolate Bar
Peanut Brittle Popcorn Ball Red Licorice
Taffy Were Cupcake Nights of the Dead treats



  • The Headless Horseman (Epic x2) can be found near the Darklight Wood entrance in Nektulos Forest! In 2010 he was upgraded to be a level 98 x2 with level 90 fabled loot drops. In 2013 it was again updated and new loot was added!


Achievements were introduced in 2013, and a new one added in 2014.

Closet Full of Skeletons Craft a mix of Nights of the Dead bone themed house items
Ghost Hunter Extraordinaire Complete each of the Ghost Hunter competitions.
Nights of the Dead Devotee Complete each of these Nights of the Dead Quests.
Tricky Treats Cook up a mix of Nights of the Dead decorations and treats.
Candy Crusher Trick or Treat! Collect as much candy as you can!
Pumpkin Pulper Pulp as many pumpkins as possible!
Nights of the Dead

Retired Features

Devotee Challenge

Want to prove you're a Nights of the Dead Devotee?

In your in-game mailbox, you will receive a mail with the item Nights of the Dead Devotee Challenge attached. Examine this item to trigger the quest Nights of the Dead Devotee. The updated version is able to be completed by those who did the 2010 version.

The devotee quest will require you to visit many popular Nights of the Dead spots, so be on the lookout so you can prove your worth!

Introduced in 2010. Updated in 2011. New Rewards in 2012. Replaced by Nights of the Dead Devotee in 2013.


Speak to the Gigglegibber Trick-or-Treater in North Qeynos or West Freeport for some classic fun!

Introduced in 2005 and retired after 2011.


The Nights of the Dead are here! So many frights, decorations and illusions. So many changing faces! Because you know, we haven't always enjoyed such a frivolous night of beasts and masks. It is on these nights that instead we enjoy midnight banquets and parades of costumes in observation of the undead assault upon the streets of Maj'Dul. The attack upon Maj'Dul happened long ago in the early days of the Age of Destiny. A story that leaves more questions than answers.

'Twas a clear and still night in the desert. A shambling army of undead inundated the city of Maj'Dul. The city hid themselves from the walking dead, for fear of what this force was there to do. Kill? Kidnap? Desecrate? Feed? And those that did not huddle in fear battled the innumerable undead to defend their city.

The citizens soon took notice that the decaying bodies were not harming anyone, except for those that stood in their way. The ghastly figures would break down doors, and rummage through all of a person's possessions, smashing anything open that was otherwise latched or sealed. This was to last a week, when as mysteriously as they came, they departed. They turned in mid action, and shuffled back to the sands from which they came, as if answering a ghoulish cry.

The people of Maj'Dul never learned what it was that the undead were looking for, nor what they finally found. But we commemorate that week of monsters and frights in search of goodies in old Maj'Dul with our own week of beasts and treats. That helps to explain the harmless fun that surrounds us. Now to join in it! [1]

  1. ^ Text from the in-game NPC "a Nights of the Dead celebrator"
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