The Healing of Amree  

This quest is part 1 of 2 for the Fabled version of the Templar-only Epic Weapon, The Impact of the Sacrosanct.

Command of the Faerlie language is required to start or complete this quest.


    1. Talk to Aliona Maybelle in a tent near the mailbox in Teren's Grasp at 1910,480,-770 in Kylong Plains.
    2. Gather 6 Stonewood Jasper Blooms from south of Karnor's Castle, near 173,9,-62
      • The flowers can be found south of the castle, between the pond and the Broken Toe goblins). The flowers look just like the ones near the castle, but are clearly labeled Stonewood Jasper Blooms.
    3. Return and talk to Aliona. She will give you a recipe in your inventory and a Packet of Stonewood Jasper Blooms.
    4. Scribe the recipe; it requires you to be a level 10 artisan.
    5. Make a Stonewood Jasper Bloom Poultice using a chemistry table (there are two in Teren's Grasp in Stealth and Skullduggery). You will need 3 mineral salt loams, 2 rough kunzites, and 3 smoldering candles to complete the potion.
    6. Give the Stonewood Jasper Bloom Poultice to Aliona to complete the quest. After you give the poultice to Aliona, she rewards you with the Jasper Bloom Pendant and a quest, The Healing of Amree.

After you help Aliona get better, she tells you that Queen Amree of the Fae may need your help.


You must go to Greater Faydark, to the Fae Court 420.89, 136.57, 258.42 and speak to Lady Milika Vikaarinen. You'll need to have completed Learning Faerlie quest to speak to her. She will tell you three tasks you must undertake to heal Queen Amree:

  1. Travel to The Sinking Sands and take the carpet to Maj'Dul. Find Scholar Al'shir at -201, 166, -158 on the steps at the Library of the Light. He will give you a Rose Essence Extractor and send you on a search for a rose. The rose is located at -357, -90, -432 in The Sinking Sands, and you must look for it at night, after 8 pm game time. The rose is called a Nightblooming Desert Rose.
  2. Travel to The Barren Sky to buy the rare wind reagent. You will need to speak the Volant language (the aviak language) for this part of the quest (obtained by completing the Words of a Feather quest). The wind reagent is bought from an Elemental Alchemist named Silverbeak. He's on Whisperwind Isle at -680.89, 8.45, -500.72 ; climb the three walls that lead to The Nest of the Great Egg instance, go around the corner and he is above the instance. The cost of the reagent is 4 .
  3. The next ingredient you need is mucus from the Mucus of the Deep One in Chelsith.
  4. The last ingredients needed are two smoldering materials. These must be harvested (in Kunark); you can not buy them or have them traded to you. You'll need 340+ harvesting skills.
  5. Once you have all four ingredients, return to Greater Faydark and turn them in to Orika Vikaarinen, the Royal Apothecary, upstairs/above the royal court at 421.51, 142.95, 239.01 .
  6. Orika Vikaarinen will send you a note in the mail.

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