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severed maple
Flowing Black Silk Sash

This heritage quest is given by Yoru the Old ( -1814, -38, -519 ) at Windstalker Village in Antonica. You must be level 40 or higher to receive the quest. The reward is the Flowing Black Silk Sash.

The first order of business is to harvest 10 pieces of severed maple in Antonica. You forest these from Wind Felled Trees, which can be found nearby Windstalker Vilage. This requires 20+ Foresting Skill. If you don't have 20+ skill you can gain it by foresting in tier 1 zones. After doing this return to Yoru the Old. (if you tell him to get his own food when you return to him you'll have to restart the HQ)

He will then send you to create some Sunfish Casserole. This requires you to do some crafting. You will need to get your Artisan skills to level 9. You can then purchase artisan essentials volume 9 from a Crafting Trainer in a tradeskill building and create the Casserole. You will need to harvest or buy one sunfish, one root, and 2 basic kindling. If you want to gather your own you can harvest both easily in the Oakmyst Forest. After creating the Sunfish casserole you must bring it to Yoru the Old.

The next step is to retrieve some ale for him. This is a timed step. You must run to a tavern in 15 minutes and grab the Ale by clicking the keg at -725, -16, 231 in Antonica. This is along the road, just before the two towers on the way to Qeynos. After that you get a new 15 minute timer to run back. The run only takes about 4 minutes if you know where you're going, so don't worry too much about it.

Yoru will then ask you to sit (use the /sit command) and meditate with him. Shortly after this (about 2-3 minutes) you will be jumped by a group of four level 41 highwaymen. Kill them and then speak to Yoru again.

You must now visit Cythan in The Feerrott. He is in the southwest corner of the zone at -0.22, 26, 963 . It is important that everyone in the group speak with him at the same time. After speaking with him a ring event starts, and you have 5 minutes to complete it. Unaggro Spirit Monks will keep spawning one at a time, a total of nine of them. These are solo mobs that range from level 40 to level 42 in difficulty. After you kill one another one will spawn. After you have slain nine monks, a Spirit Master will spawn. After killing him you can speak to Cythan to receive the next step.

The next step is to kill several spirits in various zones. You must speak to an NPC first to spawn the spirit, and then kill the spirit. They are found at:

  • Enchanted Lands: Speak to Lo'volonus at -94, 31, -1131 who will spawn Oodan the Tranquil (killer knock back)
  • Rivervale: Speak to Burdop at -27, 7, -212 (on a hill overlooking Brushfoot's General Store) who will spawn Borbin the Prevailer
  • Zek: Speak to Zan Filis at -23, 75, -369 (top of Deathfist Lookout) who will spawn Brother Raster
  • Feerrott: Speak to Tarnis at -1870, -22, 749 (in the Gulch of Thule near the Dread Basin mount station) who will spawn Sartar the Unrivaled (has a knockback)

After doing all of this you return to Cythan and speak to him (if grouped, one person at a time). Cythan will then despawn and a minute later he will return as Cythan the Last (level 45^^^) and attack you. You must defeat him--watch out for his knockback. When he dies the original Cythan will respawn and will remain there for one hour before respawning.

Players doing this quest solo can simply speak to Cythan and click the rock behind him ( -1, 26, 966 ) to complete the quest.

If you are doing this as a group, the person who just killed Cythan the Last must first speak with this version of Cythan and then click the rock behind him to complete the quest and receive their Flowing Black Silk Sash. The next person in line will then talk to Cythan which will respawn Cythan the Last. Rinse and repeat until the entire group has received their sashes.

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