The Adventure of the Undercover Disciple  

Game Update #48
Breaking Ground
Live: Sept. 3, 2008

The Shepherd asks that you go to Gorowyn and check out what's going on over there...there's a conveneint portal to Gorowyn right behind him in the temple at 513, -32, -174 .

  1. Once in Gorowyn you need to speak with Garochi Mirt'dok, he is up over on the beach in the tall tower, you'll see the dot on your map as you get closer ( 2190, 68, 1063 )
  2. He sends you off to see someone else! Wangari Fisshar is back on the other side of the docks... ( 2460.70, 8.83, 1455.78 )
  3. Wangari Fisshar sends you to the Breathing Pools at the top of Gorowyn entrance, you'll need to run around until you find a Springview Healer walking through that you must follow and he will eventually attack you, kill him.
    • He originates at the Bertox altar and then walks outside down to path. Not sure how far he goes, but he didn't attack me, an identical mod spawned down the path and he attacked.
  4. Loot him and pick up the robe and your quest will update, you must then put on the robe and go over to see Evdokia next to the bertox altar...speak to the mousey, he/she sends you to (there's a North Qeynos portal at the Gorowyn docks at 2362, 6, 1384 )
  5. The Condemned Catacomb in Antonica, over near the Oracle Gryph station at -1139, -24, -1053 , head on into the catacombs which will have no mobs up and find a bag at -175, 0, -32 in the south east area.
  6. The quest updates and sends you to Elddar Grove off of NQ. Elgorn Birchgrove is near the QH zone surrounded by little treant saplings ( 680, -21, -310 ) .
  7. He gives you a sub quest, A succulent Time to Thrive In, to go pick up seeds in SS, CL and Zek
    • Sinking sands seed is off to the right of the docks along the zone wall just inside the grass, they look like a big round catus
    • CL is right next to the Nek gryph tower along the zone wall, you should see them from the tower
    • Zek is just outside the gates past the wood spikes just be careful of the orcs
    • head back to Elgorn Birchgrove in Elddar grove and turn in the quest, it will update the main quest and send you again to Sinking Sands
  8. Head to the carpet and click on the "discarded carpet" next to the normal one on the ground and fly to where it drops you off..
  9. Once you land, follow the sand out to the giant rock in front of you, there's a dead body on the ground at -251, -91, -876 . Approach it and the quest updates.
  10. Run back up the sand to the carpet and fly back to the docks and head back to Gorowyn and speak with Evdokia again (wear the robe)
  11. Evdokia sends you your choice of Freeport or Greater Faydark next; these instructions are for GFay. You'll want to go to the spires or steamfont mountains zone line to the camp there with the little fairy and her quest feather, Kaarina Nightbloom at -448, 124, 480 .
    • Another sub-quest:Tempest Check. This one has you find a dead adept, the closest one to you is over on the beach by the Nursery at -262, -64, -716 (There's another near [[eq2 object:Amethyst Pond}} at 58, -38, -673 .)
    • Click on the dead adept and quest updates and sends you back to the fairy by Steamfont zoneline
  12. She sends you to Maj'Dul! yay use that new carpet in Kelethin (at 463, 91, 180 )!
  13. Once inside Maj'Dul there's a woman next to the temple on your right, Salyil, speak with her it updates your quest and sends you to the commonlands
  14. head to the Cl Crossroads sneak your way into them and talk to Luzmog Pusguzzler, who sends you to the Dog Pond
  15. At the dog pond jump into the water and wait for Meldrida Slate to come out and follow her down to the tower ( -1241.14, -64.91, -191.69 ) where she will split and attack you (kinda like the one in goro) kill her and loot the mysterious rune stone which will update your quest.....again
  16. head into the graveyard zone just into the right there's a crypt, go down the steps and click on the door handle to zone to The Masoluem of Valor
  17. Once inside kill the 2 vases and the skelly that pops and then at the back of the crypt there is a clicky hand tool item on a coffin that you pick up and it's another rune, will update your quest
    • The skeletons inside The Masoluem of Valor are called "a disturbed soul". They are even to your level, but two down arrow cons. They will continue to spawn if you stick around without getting the quest update! Additionally, the item you click is on top of Sir Glimmon's tomb. To me, it looked like a stone wedge of sorts.
  18. Return to North Qeynos to the temple again
  19. Get pretties!!

The fixed rewards for this quest are a Treant Sapling and Nightbloom Berries.

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This article refers to events, personae, items and activities that were involved in the Void Storms World Event, which started with GU46 and ran until The Shadow Odyssey went live. The event has now concluded, but this information is retained for historical purposes.

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