Let The Spinning Wheel Spin  

Only good aligned players may do this quest series. If you are evil aligned, begin with the quest Demands to the Ravens.

Speak to Envoy Tami Swifthammer at 62, 153, -130 in Frostfang Sea to begin this quest.

Tami asks for your assistance in replacing the broken spinning wheels.

  1. Scribe the recipe that Tami gives you titled Spinning Wheel Basics (uses Woodcraft skill)
  2. Craft three simple spinning wheels on the Woodworking Table, which can be found at -315,177,-60 in Ravens' Roost. To craft all three wheels, you will need:
  3. Replace the broken spinning wheels back in Erronson's Furs and Leathers (the quest makes you replace them in order)
    • First wheel: 66,153,-131 (next to Tami between the two chirs)
    • Second wheel: 58,153,-123 (inbetween the chair and table near Libbit)
    • Third wheel: 46,153,-125 (behind the counter between the chair and Lif)
  4. Return to Tami


  • +250 faction with your tradeskill society
  • Choice of one T2 rare harvest

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