Tangled Roots of Growth  

Game Update #60
The Children of War
May 31, 2011


  • You must have completed the quest Mourning Tree.
  • You must be able to fly.


Speak to Bilvee Hummingwing at -1235, -538, 3196 within Nipik's Haven in the Eastern Wastes to start this quest.

  1. Examine the Stone of Sorrow in your inventory.
  2. Investigate the soil around the roots of the Tree of Blight in Eastern Wastes. It's at 642, -453, 4203 under some roots.
    • Gloomvine 93^^^ will attack you. You don't have to kill him (the update comes from investigating the soil) but he's fairly easy to kill.
  3. Examine the Stone of Sorrow again
  4. Go to The Emerald Halls: Wuoshi's Fate in Lesser Faydark at 162, 1, -643 .
  5. Find Sabstin V'Despth at 838, 133, -584 . Talk to her and she will aggro, 93^^^. Every 25% health she will summon a 93^^^ add that is best killed before you continue with her, or you will end up with all three adds on you.
    • While you don't have to clear the zone to do this quest, the Withered Guardian ( 666, 128, -524 ) and Sawtooth the Corrupted 783, 88, -600 are summoned during the encounter and you can save yourself some hassle if you kill them before speaking to Sabstin.
  6. When Sabstin is dead, examine the flower at 816, 106, -603 .
  7. Examine the Stone of Sorrow
  8. Find Firiona Vie.
    • For good-aligned players she's in Kelethin at 423, 136, 261 .
    • For evil-aligned players she's in Darklight Wood in the Shadow Oak at 445, -23, -266 .
  9. Firiona Vie requires all of the parts of the ancient Guardian's Glimmering Chalice in which to plant the Seed of Growth. These may be done in any order:
    • Iceshard Keep: The first piece of the chalice is in the treasure room on the right side of the main building, between the chests on the right side at -463, 120, 403 or -438, 118, 426 .
    • Forgotten Pools: The second piece of the chalice is inside the red/blue tree room, towards the back under a tree at either -62, 36, -509 or -26, 39, -470 .
    • Crystal Caverns: Collapse: The third piece of the challice is at -70, 15, -74 , next to the alchemy table with the different colored potions.
  10. Return to Firiona Vie.
  11. Gather earth and air from the Plane of Growth:
    • Gather earth from the burial site of the Heartwood Master in Lesser Faydark at -733, 6, -332 .
    • Gather air from 10 wisps from Tenebrous Tangle. These are found on the tiny islands surrounding the larger islands in the zone. Just fly through the ones with green shinies.
  12. Return to Firiona Vie.
  13. She gives you a Druid's Divining Rod. Use at the Tree of Blight in Eastern Wastes ( 642, -453, 4203 ) . When used, a 92^^^ Wetrot spawns - kill it. The update is no-trade, but seems to give a group update.
  14. Examine the Stone of Sorrow.
  15. Return to Firiona Vie for your reward.

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