Crystal Caverns: Collapse  

Level90 - 90
TypeInstanced Indoor
ExpansionDestiny of Velious

Game Update #60
The Children of War
May 31, 2011

Found in Eastern Wastes from the same zone-in as Crystalline Breaks.

Upon entering, you'll find that the geography of the zone hides enemies well, so proceed cautiously. After bearing left from the entrance tunnel and clearing out the hostiles, head northeast and find your way to what looks like a dry riverbed (but, if you're familiar with the original cavern, is actually a chasm filled in by collapse). Continue east and you'll find The Ry'Gorr Herbalist. As you fight him, he'll lay a debuff on that functionally eliminates poison resistance, and it stacks. Since most of his attacks are poison-based, you'll either need to stay ahead of him with cures or be able to deal with pretty serious damage spikes. Once he dies, you'll hear the sound of a collapse elsewhere in the cavern. Return to the riverbed to find it now populated with tentacle terrors aplenty. You'll have to hunt them all down to awaken The Life Leech who, true to his name, leeches hit point during the fight. Once you've dealt with this beast, you'll be able to enter a new tunnel on the west. At the end of that tunnel, find and batlle Foreman Smason V. Again, once you've won you'll hear a distant crash signalling a new path. Cross the riverbed yet again and continue past the Herbalist's lair. Bear to the north and you'll find The Gem Collector. Finish him off and then travel south to where you'll find a door. Click the door to enter the lair of Queen Drachnia (this is the segregated part of the map on the left in the picture above). The Queen introduces one very confusing mechanic during your fight against her. On occasion, she'll trap a combatant against a wall with a debuff that put them out of the fight. A message will come up that says, "Quickly! Scratch off the webs!" When it does, use the /scratch command to free yourself. You may want to set up a macro key to do this, so you're not forced to type out the command in the heat of battle.

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