My Dear, Deloris...  

  1. Obtain The Last Will and Testament of Taglfitz Von Gearbender from the corpse of Taglfitz Von Gearbender.
    • Examine the will from your inventory to begin the quest.
  2. Find Deloris or Toggery Von Gearbender.
    • Speak to Toggery Von Gearbender at -246, -60, -657 in the Temple of Solusek Ro in Lavastorm.
    • He sends you out to "contain a spirit" for use by the Von Gearbenders.
  3. Go to Spirit's Resonance and kill Nortlav the Scalekeeper.
  4. Speak to Toggery Von Gearbender again.
  5. Speak to Deloris Von Gearbender. She will now be standing right next to Toggery.
  6. Kill every named mob in The Outer Vault.
  7. Speak to Deloris Von Gearbender again.
  8. Go back to Demitrik's Bastion, and click Taglfitz's corpse again.
  9. Speak to Deloris Von Gearbender again.
  10. She hands you a letter that goes to your inventory
  11. Click on the letter
  12. Taglfitz Von Gearbender appears beside you.
  13. Follow his dialogue to receive reward

ZAM would like to thank Kalmaraa of the Gorowyn Militia on Antonia Bayle for information on this quest.

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