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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
The Frigid Icemaw16   ^Frostfang SeaYes
Acklok The Crystal Duster86   ^The Sundered FrontierYes
An Ashengaze Basilisk66-67   v   to   -The BonemireNo
An Icegaze Basilisk90   v v vEastern WastesNo
A Hungry Gorg67   ^ ^ ^ HeroicSanctum of the ScalebornNo
A Hulking Gorg58-59   -Tenebrous TangleNo
A Twilight Gorg57-58   -Tenebrous TangleNo
A Rampaging Gorg66   -The Nest of the Great EggNo
A Sand Scrapper79   -The Sundered FrontierNo
A Large Frostbiter15   -Frostfang SeaNo
A Mature Icegaze Basilisk91   ^Eastern WastesNo
A Rampaging Gorg22   -The Nest of the Great Egg - Fan Faire TrialNo
A Basilisk72   ^ ^ ^ Epic x3DeathtollNo
A Trampler32-33   -KaladimNo
A Frostbiter14   -Frostfang SeaNo
A Thornspine Prowler65-66   vThe Barren SkyNo
An Ancient Bloodbeast74   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4Halls of the SeeingYes
A Protective Basilisk21   ^Butcherblock MountainsNo
A Decomposing Basilisk73   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4DeathtollNo
A Decomposing Basilisk72   ^ ^ ^ Epic x4DeathtollNo
A Basilisk Hatchling20   v v vButcherblock MountainsNo
A Territorial Gorg57-58   -Tenebrous TangleNo
A Thornspine Devourer66   vThe Barren SkyNo
A Crushing Battle Spiker97   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Vigilant: Final DestructionYes
Basilisk90   v v vEastern WastesNo
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