Queen Gwarthlea  

Zone:Vasty Deep: The Vestigial Cella
Possible Classes:Dirge
Difficulty:^ ^ ^ Heroic
Purpose:The Ca'Na Matriarch
Grants AA

Undoubtedly some people have written several manifests on how to handle this Queen, including ideal group composition, strategies for with or without two Illusionists, casting order and all that good stuff.

But hey, TL;DR, so here is the short version:

In front of the Queen is a pool. Jump in the pool and stay there, or she will knock you off the rock. Kill everything that spawns, and kill it as quickly as you can or it will kill you. Done.

If you do fall/jump/get pushed off the rock, swim around it to the back side. There is a blue portal there that teleports you back to the top. It can happen that a protective aura descends over the pool once the queen is around 5% or 10% health. If this happens, look around for a harvestable conch shell on top of the rock, it is big enough to see an also has red sparkles over it. Harvest the shell and use it (rightclick from your inventory), you can now kill the queen.

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