Solusek's Fist  

Race:Living statue
Possible Classes:Shadowknight
Difficulty:^ ^ ^ Epic x2
Classifications:Animated Statue, Humanoid, Inorganic, Living, Noblooded, Nocharm, Shattered Lands, Terrestrial
Grants AA

  • ^^^ Epic(x4)


This contestable raid target uses Wrath of Fury, a Point Blank AOE(PBAOE) stun, and a selective (seemingly random) DOT. It is recommended that the majority of this fight take place with ranged attacks/DPS. Wrath of Fury will kill the majority of characters with a single hit.

For this encounter I recommend using a MT (Guardian or Berserker) and an offtank - The offtank can be the Main Assist also for this.

The offtank will pull the nearest Volcanu Drakota in Fist's encounter, and bring them back near the raid. Concentrate on killing the Volcanu while Fist makes his delayed run to the raid. The main tank will intercept him at this point hold him there until the Drakotas are dead.

Be sure Fist does not get near the raid, he may quickly wipe them out, so the MT must keep him facing the raid. The healers should be positioned behind the main tank at max heal range, divided healing the MT and offtank as needed. Fist will periodically call out random names, when he does this he will put a high damage elemental DOT on the name he calls, a healer or two need to be designated to cure this on that person as soon as he calls it, it will kill in only a couple ticks.

Once all of the Drakota are dead, the DPS should concentrate on Fist. I recommend using all ranged DPS for this to keep it simple, but melee can participate also if the MT calls the Wrath of Fury, and Stun. After both have hit, the melee can joust in for about 15 seconds, and then back out. Wash, rinse, repeat until dead!

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