Earring of Flight  

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Earring of Flight
+24 str   +15 sta   +5 agi
+100 vs arcane  +275 vs elemental
+2 Defense   +3 Ranged
10 Ability Modifier
All Fighters, All Mages, All Priests, All Scouts, Beastlord

NameLevelZoneGrants AADrop Rate
The Fiery Apparition52   ^ ^ HeroicLavastormYes3.4615%
Griblic Flametosser49   ^LavastormYes3.4615%
A Bouldering52   -   to   ^LavastormNo3.4615%
A Hovering Sentinel50   v vLavastormNo3.4615%
A Defiant Sol Ro Historian53   -   to   ^LavastormNo3.4615%
Tyrock Cleaver52   ^ ^ HeroicLavastormYes3.4615%
Enraged Volcanu Matriarch54   ^ ^ ^ HeroicLavastormYes3.4615%
Fire Toad46   ^LavastormYes3.4615%
Hibrit Nikaorf53   ^ ^ HeroicLavastormYes3.4615%
Blaize's Remains53   ^LavastormNo3.4615%
Pumice51   ^LavastormYes3.4615%
Asphyxia50   ^ ^ HeroicLavastormYes3.4615%
A Juvenile Lava Crawler45-47   v vLavastormNo0.1923%
A Sootfoot Trixter47   -LavastormNo0.1923%
A Sootfoot Champion47-48   v vLavastormNo0.1923%
A Sootfoot Gatherer45-46   -LavastormNo0.1923%
A Smoldering King Crab45-46   v   to   -LavastormNo0.1923%
A Sootfoot Sage47-48   v vLavastormNo0.1923%
A Flare Reaper50-51   -LavastormNo0.1923%
A Defender Of Thyr55   ^LavastormNo0.1923%
A Vulcanu Gaper54-55   -LavastormNo0.1923%
A Preserver Of The Sacred50-51   -   to   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Infernal Forge of AgesNo0.1923%
A Lava Creep49   -LavastormNo0.1923%
A Void-touched Juvenile Lava Crawler45-46   v vLavastormNo0.1923%
A Voidflame Mage-slaver51-52   v v   to   ^LavastormNo0.1923%
A Living Lava Splash46-50   v v v   to   ^ ^ HeroicThe Sanctum of FireNo0.1923%
A Flame Spirit48   ^The Sanctum of FireNo0.1923%
A Sootfoot Channeler47-48   v vLavastormNo0.1923%
A Speck Rumbler49-50   -LavastormNo0.1923%
A Sootfoot Gatherer45-47   v v   to   vLavastormNo0.1923%
A Void-touched Bastion Of Ro52   ^LavastormNo0.1923%
A Sootfoot Peon45-46   -LavastormNo0.1923%
A Bleeder50   ^LavastormNo0.1923%
A Hatchling Volcanu52-53   v   to   -LavastormNo0.1923%
A Bedrock Grub52-53   v vLavastormNo0.1923%
A Soulbound Sol Ro Remnant51-52   v v   to   -LavastormNo0.1923%
A Sootfoot Wizard47   ^LavastormNo0.1923%
Noble Dojorn50   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Sanctum of FireYes0.1923%
A Juvenile Lava Crawler45-46   -LavastormNo0.1923%
A Preserver Of The Sacred50-51   -   to   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Infernal Forge of AgesNo0.1923%
A Mature Lava Crawler48-49   vLavastormNo0.1923%
A Flare Impaler50   -LavastormNo0.1923%
Solusek's Fist55   ^ ^ ^ Epic x2LavastormYes0.1923%
A Voidflame Hall Monitor51-52   v   to   -LavastormNo0.1923%
A Distracted Sootfoot Lookout47-48   -LavastormNo0.1923%
A Vulcanu Executioner55   ^ ^ ^ HeroicLavastormNo0.1923%
A Noxious Emission49   -LavastormNo0.1923%
A Dormant Basalt Rumbler50-51   v vLavastormNo0.1923%
A Bouldering51   ^LavastormNo0.1923%
A Searing Lurker50   vLavastormNo0.1923%
An Ardent Colossus52-53   -LavastormNo0.1923%
A Sootfoot Ritualist49   v v   to   vLavastormNo0.1923%
A Flaming Globule49-50   -LavastormNo0.1923%
A Vulcanu Slayer54-56   v   to   -LavastormNo0.1923%
A Stone Watchman49   ^ ^ Heroic   to   ^ ^ ^ HeroicThe Infernal Forge of AgesNo0.1923%
A Void-touched Sootfoot Whelp45   -LavastormNo0.1923%
Bunglegreeder44   ^ ^ HeroicLavastormNo0.1923%
A Molten Fragment46   -LavastormNo0.1923%
A Hardened Colossus52-53   -LavastormNo0.1923%
A Vulcanu Verdant54-55   -LavastormNo0.1923%
A Sootfoot Bonecaller47-48   v vLavastormNo0.1923%
A Flare Assassin50-51   -LavastormNo0.1923%
A Sootfoot Warrior46   -LavastormNo0.1923%
A Soulbound Sol Ro Seeker51-52   v v   to   -LavastormNo0.1923%
A Fossilized Colossus55   ^ ^ ^ HeroicLavastormNo0.1923%
A Summoned Flare51-52   -LavastormNo0.1923%
A Sootfoot Whelp45   -LavastormNo0.1923%
An Uninterested Sootfoot Sentry45-46   -LavastormNo0.1923%
Protectors Of The Flame46   -Maiden's GulchNo0.1923%
An Astir Basalt Rumbler50-51   v vLavastormNo0.1923%
A Flame Walker47-48   -LavastormNo0.1923%
A Voidflame Lore Collector51-52   v   to   ^LavastormNo0.1923%
A Bored Sootfoot Warrior46   -LavastormNo0.1923%
A Voidflame Soulkeeper51-52   v v   to   ^LavastormNo0.1923%
A Volcanu Broodmother52-53   ^LavastormNo0.1923%
A Vulcanu Executioner56   -LavastormNo0.1923%
A Living Lava Flow46   ^The Sanctum of FireNo0.1923%
A Lava Guardian47   ^ ^ HeroicThe Sanctum of FireNo0.1923%
A Molten Wormling46   -LavastormNo0.0962%