An Untamed Soul  

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Zone:Darklight Wood
Classifications:Ghost, Humanoid, Inorganic, Noblooded, Old World, Terrestrial
Grants AA
NameLevelTypeDrop Rate
a vial of spectral essence 0Item25%
a ghost phantasmal echo 0Item21%
a ghost emotion resonance 0Item21%
a ghost ethereal strand 0Item21%
a ghost vile plasm 0Item21%
a ghost remnant memory 0Item21%
Advanced Adornments Volume 1 0Recipe Book20%
Zealous Great Mace 10Weapon14.2857%
Swift Bladed Short Sword 10Weapon14.2857%
Apprentice's Shield 10Shield14.2857%
Wall of Tactical Adherance 10Shield14.2857%
Buckler of United Stance 10Shield14.2857%
Tome of Feverous Intellect 10Shield14.2857%
Blue-Bladed Halberd 10Weapon14.2857%
Marshmallows 0Item10%
Earstud of the Haunted Ruins 10Accessory2.500%
Stud of Lost Knowledge 10Accessory2.500%
Cursed Stormhold Facet 10Accessory2.500%
Unidentified Bone Ear Spike 10Accessory2.500%
an ethereal nerve 0Item2%
sundered obsidian 0Item1%
Fiery Carnelian 0Item1%
azure charm 0Item0.1538%
blue lotus petal 0Item0.0769%
black spider silk 0Item0.0769%
black stone 0Item0.0769%
transcribed songbook 0Item0.0769%
ancient tablet 0Item0.0769%
waterproofed rope 0Item0.0769%
lucky rabbit foot 0Item0.0769%
half-burned ceremonial candle 0Item0.0769%
dropped ledger 0Item0.0769%
fearsome carved wooden mask 0Item0.0769%
bloodstained bat fang 0Item0.0769%