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NameLevelZoneGrants AA
A SwindlerDarklight WoodNo
Karea70   v v vDarklight WoodNo
House K'Frerahel Slave25-30   -Darklight WoodYes
Vornlin B'VytylDarklight WoodNo
A Voracious Spinner17-18   -Darklight WoodNo
An Elven SpiritDarklight WoodNo
An Inebriated MinerDarklight WoodNo
A Slavering Pup14-15   -Darklight WoodNo
Danya HalfmoonDarklight WoodNo
Laexyra Y'BarriathDarklight WoodNo
Unlara ValarinDarklight WoodNo
A Briarstone Ancient20   -Darklight WoodNo
An Untamed Spirit5   vDarklight WoodNo
A Sablevein Crumbler2-3   vDarklight WoodNo
An Aged Tome Guardian21-20   v v vDarklight WoodNo
Frizwat PlitzwaddleDarklight WoodNo
Priest Of DiscordDarklight WoodNo
A Mutilated Deer1   v v vDarklight WoodNo
A Sableflame Scryer12-13   vDarklight WoodNo
Antdrin R'Viniath25-30   -Darklight WoodYes
Thelia N'FyreDarklight WoodNo
A Sablevein Pulverizer4   vDarklight WoodNo
A Rotbeak11-12   -Darklight WoodNo
A Purulent Defender8-9   vDarklight WoodNo
Ginwyss D'ArkenettDarklight WoodNo
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