eq2 quest:Shards of Drinal: Trial of Everafter  

EverQuest II
[90] Shards of Drinal: Trial of Everafter (Repeatable) (Solo)
Category: Signature

To Start: Newly created Heroic Characters should speak to Lord Valkiss Ssi'sh (evil alignment) or Lady Liae Croae (good alignment).

  • At least 1 30 
speak to Lord Valkiss Ssi'sh Hand of D'Lere Eidolon Jungle -18, 15, 200 >> Valkiss will tell you that assasins have been sent to kill you and asks that you help yourself and him by killing the Harrowing Horde assassins (3) that are after you. Skrillix Vog (lvl 92 + heroic -109, 102, 52). Tonogon the Strong (lvl 92 + heroic 56, -9, 125). Orofonk (lvl 92 + heroic -93, -3, 354) Return to Lord Valkiss Ssi'sh Hand of D'Lere Eidolon Jungle and he will eventually tell you to seek out Drinal's Steward. Drinal's Steward will eventually send you to speak to Veris Windcall and Riishu Sulrel Veris Windcall (27, 2, -18) will explain that you are dead (despite any protestations from you) and eventually send you to hamper the Horde scouts and send back any injured defenders. Riishu Sulrel (-146, 14, 180) will speak of lost souls/confusion/horde taking those they shouldn't, and then eventually send you to contact and nudge them toward the camps away from the beach and the horde.
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