eq2 quest:Foray Into Ulterior Mechanica  

EverQuest II
[Scales] Foray Into Ulterior Mechanica (Solo)
Category: Steamfont Mountains
To start: ( -581, 173, 952 )

Command of the Gnomish language is required to start or complete this quest.

Start this quest by speaking to Professor What in Gnomeland Security Headquarters .

  1. Obtain a boom burble before it explodes!
    • These are flaming beetles found around Gnomeland security. When they explode they will knock you back. Click it to pick up and it becomes a Pocketed Boom Burble
  2. Use the Whatzzit's Hover Clank behind Professor What at -585, 174, 952 '.
  3. Approach the exhaust port at -297, 142, 1357 . Click the Pocketed Boom Burble from the quest helper or inventory.
  4. After it explodes, click the resulting mound to enter Klak'Anon: Ulterior Mechanica. This is a mercenary-friendly zone. The mobs are mostly level-scaled even con.
  5. Explore the zone. Follow the ramps counterclockwise and up.
    • HINT: There are boom burbles here which can be picked up and used!
  6. Activate the Clockwork Gate Lever at -33, 14, 113 . A gate will open behind you at -2, 14, 118
  7. Take the downhill path and clear all the clockworks.
  8. Go back to the gate and take the uphill path. When you've cleared all the clockworks You'll see a message about giant doors lifting.
  9. Click through three sets of gates to Central Contrapticus at 330, 0, 0 .
    • On the upper level you will face several waves of heroic clockwork. After you defeat each wave release a boom burble.
      • More boom burbles spawn at -66, 42, 2 if you need them.
  10. Gather three burnt gnomish objects, which are sparkly piles scattered near the Contrapticus. Look behind it if you can't find all three.
  11. Return to Professor What in Gnomeland Security - Exit the zone and take the Whatsit, which is where you left it.


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Occurs annually in late summer.
(Introduced in 2013)

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