eq2 quest:Drinks Are On The House!  

EverQuest II
[Scales] Drinks Are On The House! (Repeatable) (Solo)
Category: Serilian Bar
To start:

This quest is repeatable every two hours. It's both a sub-quest of What is That Noise and a stand-alone quest.

Get to this zone through a trap door under the basement in the Bar of Brell. Go behind the curtain at 329, -21, 145 to go downstairs. Then click on the trap door at 340, -27, 142 .

Speak to Sam to start this quest. Sam's server hasn't shown up and she needs help serving the clientele. This quest works like the Goblin Games quest Goblin Grub, but there are three rounds of drinks to serve.

  1. Speak to Sam to get some drinks. You'll catch an effect from the alcohol. Serve the drinks to the lit-up bar patrons: you can tell how thirsty they are by the color of their light. You get five drinks at a time. Get more from Sam.
    • If you're not a fast mouse-clicker, position your cursor over the patron and press "F" instead.
    • Don't wait for the pop-up: when the patrons ask "Where's my beer?" go get more from Sam.
    • As you get more inebriated and start to see double and quadruple, watch your mouse cursor for clues on where to click on the patrons to serve them. Right in the middle of the multiple images seems to work.
    • Wake-Up Juice doesn't seem to help the buzz here.
    • If a patron goes "red" run over and give him a drink immediately before he sobers up.
  2. When you've sated five guests, return to Sam.
  3. Serve another round. You're sharting to get perty light-headed fron the atmisp.. atmsft... environment.
  4. Return to Sam
  5. Servsh anthr ruond of drinx. Aim fr the middle of the swirly patrons to giv'em drinx. Sherve 'em lotsh.
  6. Return to Sham.

Leave the bar by the trap door at the top of the ladder to the right of the bar.

HINT: If you are too inebriated to find the trap door to leave, you can do a "Call to Home". You'll be sober when you arrive home, and you'll be able to return to the bar to finish your quest with Sham.


Your choice of:

Also called "Brell's Day", occurs annually in March.

(Introduced in 2014)

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