eq2 quest:Deep Within Hammerhall  

EverQuest II
[Scales] Deep Within Hammerhall (Solo)
Category: Butcherblock Mountains
To start:

Speak to Steinsister Daglara at 336, 189, 502 at the Highland Outposts in Butcherblock Mountains to begin this quest. This quest is repeatable once per year.

  1. Enter the Hammerhall Barrel Chambers at -379, 157, -522 in Butcherblock Mountains. It looks like rubble with pickaxes. Mercenaries are able to go into this instance with you.
  2. Explore the chambers. Some barrels will be destroyable. You may get coin, a snake, an angry bat, etc. Destroy all of the ghosts you can find and a door will open at 197, 17, -89 .
  3. Defeat Brewmaster Thifgur.
  4. Click on the hammer on the table at 195, 18, -98 .
  5. Return to Steinsister Daglara to complete the quest.


Choose between one of the following:

Black Swill for Blackswell Brewday
Quest Series
Rummage for Answers
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Also called "Brell's Day", occurs annually in March.

(Introduced in 2012)

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