eq2 quest:Black Swill for Blackswell  

EverQuest II
[Scales] Black Swill for Blackswell (Solo)
Category: Bar of Brell
To start:

Speak to Tellar Blackswell at 333, -21, 148 in the Bar of Brell to begin this quest. It is not repeatable.

  1. Head to Gorowyn in Timorous Deep and purchase a Gorowyn Pepper Swill for 1s, 20c  from Eurkon Al'ouz in The Dragon's Anchor at 2600, 87, 1327 .
  2. Return to Tellar in the Bar of Brell.
  3. Examine The Book of Bound Mithril that Tellar gave you. You get to keep the book as a reward.
  4. Speak to Steinsister Daglara at 336, 189, 502 at the Highland Outposts in Butcherblock Mountains to complete the quest.


Quest Series
Deep Within Hammerhall
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Also called "Brell's Day", occurs annually in March.

(Introduced in 2012)

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