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EverQuest II
[Scales] A Dream Adventure (Solo)
Category: World Event
To start:

Players who have not done any quests involving Thumore D'armer before must first complete both Thumore's Absence and Shattered Remains before this quest will be offered to them.

This quest is repeatable once per year and Shattered Remains must be completed before this one will be offered each year, even if you have done Shattered Remains in the past.

Speak to Thumore D'armer either in the City of Freeport (North) outside the Jade Tiger Den at -67, -24, -42 or in Qeynos Capitol District (North Qeynos) across from the tradeskill building at 308, -22, -98 to begin this quest.

  1. Find Azhar Ellonialis in the Freeport Militia House (upper level) of West Freeport at 138, 0.89, 132 or in Qeynos Harbor in a tent near Down Below at 689, -21, -85 . Click his body and choose to fall asleep to enter A Dream of Ultera. The map this zone uses is from the top level of Vasty Deep: The Vestigial Cella.
    • Don't jump down--that is the wrong way! There's a portal down there to exit the zone if you do happen to fall down.
    • You must clear every mob in the instance.
    • Work you way up the ramps after zoning in.
    • Speak to Azhar at -186, 12, -95 .
    • Return to the portal and exit the zone.
  2. Return and speak to Thumore.
  3. Find Werri Stonebolt in New Halas (Frostfang Sea) at -105, 149, 33 . Click on her body to fall asleep and enter A Dream of Velious. The map this zone uses is from Iceshard Keep.
    • Don't fall off the first ramp--you'll die.
    • Like before, make sure you clear the entire zone of mobs.
    • Speak to Werri at -665, 118, 412 .
    • Return to the portal and exit the zone.
  4. Return and speak to Thumore.
  5. Find Chullok Hir'touz in Gorowyn (Timorous Deep) inside The Wards at 2740, 130, 1191 . Taking the portal at 2507, 13, 1219 to the upper level of Gorowyn is the quickest way here. Click on his body to fall asleep and enter A Dream of Wurms.
    • As before, clear the entire zone of mobs. Make sure you kill both wandering droags on the ramps leading down to where Chullok is.
    • Speak to Chullok at -31, -416, 14 .
    • Return to the portal and exit the zone.
  6. Return and speak to Thumore to complete the quest.


One of the following:

Shattered Remains Heroes' Festival
Quest Series
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Trivia The memory zones take you to places from each milestone that was available from the 6th through 9th anniversaries. In order: Sentinel's Fate and Destiny of Velious (twice over for DoV--it includes the Withered Lands/Skyshrine game update).

Heroes' Festival
Occurs annually to celebrate the anniversary of EverQuest II.

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