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EverQuest II
Tinkerfest Blueprints 5.0

Level 25

This recipe scroll was introduced for Tinkerfest 2013 and is sold by Myron for 10 Shiny Tinkerfest Cogs. It requires a Tinkering skill level of 25 to scribe.

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Items in Scroll

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Adjustable Crane Wrench
Block of Corrugated Wood
Carbonite Spin Wheel
Dismantled Clock Assembly
Dismantled Gear Assembly
Empty Hanging Parts Bin
Full Hanging Parts Bin
Galvanized Entry Plate
Grand Tinkerer's Long Bench
Grand Tinkerer's Short Bench
Half Block of Corrugated Wood
Inventors Beloved Rug
Lava Infused Coreplate
Narrow Divider
of Corrugated Wood
Projectatron Illustrated Schematic
Railing of Corrugated Wood
Ratched Sprog Arm
Rhodium Spin Wheel
Rounded Tile of Corrugated Wood
Short Column of Corrugated Wood
Stair of Corrugated Wood
Tall Column of Corrugated Wood
Tall Divider of Corrugated Wood
Tinkered Transmental Switch
Xegonite Spin Wheel

Occurs annually in late summer.
(Introduced in 2013)

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