eq2 achievement:Full Metal Domicile  

Points: 5
Type: Live Events
Subcategory: Tinkerfest
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EverQuest II

Full Metal Domicile
Craft a mix of tinkerfest building blocks
Craft a Block of Rhodium
Craft a Tall Column of Impacted Metal
Craft a Block of Corrugated Wood
Craft a Rusty Floor Plating
Craft a Tinkered Carbonite Divider
Craft a Rhodium Floor Plating
Craft an Impacted Floor Plating
Craft a Riveted Floor Plating
Craft an Illuminated Port Plate
Craft a Tinkered Gold Divider

Shopping List

All recipes are made with Tinkerering at a Work Bench. You will need:

Occurs annually in late summer.
(Introduced in 2013)

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