Wizard Epic Weapon (EQ2 Quest Series)  

This quest series is for the Wizard-only Epic Weapon.

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Series Summary

Fabled - Dragon's Marrow

Of Fire and Ice

Starter: Kill trash mobs in Chelsith until you get A Dilapidated Journal. Examine it.

  1. Go to the Library of New Tunaria and speak to Cerennhir Aelindel at -408,49,-979

Of Fire and Ice: A Codex in Crisis

You ask Cerennhir Aelindel to tell you more about Arendahr and Isilwen, but first he wants you to do something for him. He wants you to recover an ancient codex that was lost in Firiona Vie many years ago. Rumors have reached him that the Di'Zok Sarnaks have found it and mean to use it's power for evil magic. He gave me a Runed Codex Coffer to use when I find it.

  1. Find the Codex Bragallich Tel'llach.
    1. Find 4 codex parts in The Chardok Palace and The Library of Divination in Chardok. This is beyond the Red gate. They are: Bragallich Tel'llach - Parma, Bragallich Tel'llach - Aicanaro, Bragallich Tel'llach - Anto, and Bragallich Tel'llach - Curuvar
      • Kill Gorowyn sarnaks for these uncommon body drops from these mobs only. You can get them out of order, you will get drops from time to time of parts you already have, and more than one can drop on the same mob.
      • You must loot Bragallich Tel'llach - Parma first, then the other three. If you get any of the other three before Parma, you will have to decline or delete them as you only get updates from the act of looting them.
  2. Use the Runed Codex Coffer to put the codex in the container and receive Sealed Codex Coffer.
  3. Return the Sealed Codex Coffer to Cerennhir Aelindel

Of Fire and Ice: The Sorcerer-Astronomer

  1. You need to find the Sorcerer-Astronomer, Jaestin Chaldean, in a tower overlooking the heavens to learn more about the lovers.

Of Fire and Ice: The Flame Disciple's Ring

  1. Jaestin Chaldean in The Tower of the Moon tells you that you must find the the first ring, Cor Gollor ed'Lhach.
    1. Kill elder skyfire wyverns in the Skyfire Mountains region of Jarsath Wastes until you find a tarnished old ring. It is a semi-rare body drop, requiring between 30 and 40 kills, on average. This is soloable, of course, but it goes a lot faster with a friend or two.
  2. Examine the ring and clean it to uncover a dormant sorcerer's band.
  3. Return to Cerennhir Aelindel in New Tunaria. He performs an enchantment on the ring, and you receive a weakened sorcerer's band. It seems that the enchantment from the Codex was not powerful enough to fully restore the ring.
  4. Find a powerful follower of Solusek Ro.
    • Speak to Maelius Irenaeus in Lavastorm at The Temple of Solusek Ro on the balcony above the dragon, Lord Xyfl. Go up the stairs and to the right, then right twice more.
      • If you are not a follower of Solusek Ro, you must prove your worthiness by fighting an 82^^^ Heroic summoned mob.
    • He enchants the ring and you will receive Cor Gollor ed'Lhach.
  5. Return to Jaestin Chaldean in The Tower of the Moon to complete this quest.

Of Fire and Ice: Band of the Frost Maiden

  1. Jaestin Chaldean in The Tower of the Moon now tells you that you must find Cor Per'Edhel ed'Hegel
  2. In the Yeti caves in Kylong Plains, find a pile of rubble at 1365, 384, -792 and spawn Silverpaw (named Yeti, 80^^^). Kill him to receive a calcified old ring.
    • He can be solo'd. See the notes on Silverpaw's page.
  3. Clean the ring to receive a faintly glowing sorcerer's band.
  4. I need to find a way to bestow a divine enchantment upon the ring.
    • Enchant it in Everfrost, find Lianashanai Nadeu at 512.83, -34.18, -1561.6
  5. Pay tribute to The Triumvirate by paying your respects at their statues:
    • Visit the statue of Tarew Marr off the coast of Coldwind Cove in Thundering Steppes at 431.50, -88.25, 1438.15
    • Visit the statue of E'ci in the waters shadowed by the Ryjesium Peaks in Kylong Plains at 1517.16, -17.88, -16.94 . This is off the map, southwest of Dreg's Landing. 3-4 Yha-lei desecraters (77^^^ Heroic) will spawn and attack you. They MIGHT have just been in the area and noticed me, but they appeared exactly around the statue. Anyway, the quest already updated, so just evac to safety.
    • Visit the statue of Povar in the depths north of the Timorous Isles, near Faydwer, in Loping Plains, off the southwest coast of the Timorous Moor at 181.28,-30.96, 558.94 .
  6. Return to Lianashanai Nadeu to receive Cor Per'Edhel ed'Hegel.
  7. Return to Jaestin in The Tower of The Moon to complete this quest. Jaestin tells you to seek someone capable of crafting wondrous magical devices.

Of Fire and Ice: With These Rings I Thee Wonder

  1. Jaestin Chaldean in The Tower of the Moon tells you to find someone who can help utilize the power of the two rings.
  2. Go to Gnomeland Security Headquarters in Steamfont Mountains and speak to Hedwocket Cobbleblork at -517,175,1036 .

Of Fire and Ice: Suitable Components

  1. Hedwocket Cobbleblork at Gnomeland Security Headquarters in Steamfont Mountains tells you to find a non-enchanted bone wand.
  2. Go back to Hedwocket.
    • He assembles the wand and tests it, to near disastrous effect. It seems the two opposing elemental rings need some kind of a buffer between them.
  3. I need to acquire a Ring of Negative Energy from a necromancer or powerful undead.
    • The necromancer's name is Kotiz the Death Bringer. He's an 86^^^ heroic. He is the one in front of Venril Sathir's Lair zone in. He's only a 2-3 hour timer and his kill update is shared with at least three other classes. The ring is a corpse drop and if ANYONE touches the body but you, it will despawn!!!
    • Apparently Praetorian Captain Nagol at -15, -129, 463 (a Praetorian officer is the PH) in the previous room can drop this update, as well as Nihilist Yeegarn at 72, -131, 164 (a cabilis resident is the PH) and Nihilist Zeegarn 0, -136, 186 (a cabilis resident is the PH) in either of the two entry rooms to the Ruins of Sebilis (basement)
  4. Go back to Hedwocket and he will give you a recipe (Knowledge of Assembling the Dragon's Marrow) and a bag of unassembled wand components.
  5. Find a woodworker to craft your epic, commission-style, for your reward! You will need a mahogany lumber and 5 smoldering sandpaper.

Mythical - Dragon's Marrow

Of Fire and Ice: The Dragon's Marrow

  1. Examine Dragon's Marrow, then examine it further.
  2. Talk to Jaestin Chaldean back in The Tower of The Moon and receive Arendahr's Notes. These notes hint you in the right direction.
  3. Gather the missing components:
  4. Talk to Jaestin Chaldean in The Tower of The Moon.
  5. Talk to Jaestin Chaldean again to complete the quest.

Level 90 Mythical Conversion

Your Mythical Weapon has unique effects which will not work on level 81-90 spells, combat arts, or pets. By completing two quests, you may convert your Fabled or Mythical Epic Weapon into an Enervated Weapon and add persistent Mythical Effect spells to your knowledge book. This allows you to acquire other weapons without losing class-defining Mythical effects.

The quest requires that your class and your Epic weapon match. You will only receive the mythical spell gem of your current class.

You can start this series as long as you have the fabled version of your epic. But if you have completed "Epic Repercussions" then you will not be rewarded the mythical weapon if you go back and complete your class specific Kunark mythical quest.

The quests which make your Epic Weapon effect into a spell is the same for all classes.

  1. Fiery Jewel of the Underfoot
  2. Epic Repercussions

EverQuest II

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