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It is now possible to transfer a character to and from any server type, between accounts, and even between realms (except Russia and Test).

To initiate an automatic server to server transfer, purchase a Character Transfer Token through the Marketplace in game. They cost 2500 DBC ($25 USD). You will not see the Token on the Marketplace if:

  • The character is under level 10
  • The account is less than 30 days old
  • The account is "Cancelled"

Once you purchase the token right-click it and and select USE to start the transfer process.

For account to account transfers, contact customer service according to these instructions.

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Transfer Requirements

Please also see:
Character Transfers in EverQuest II in the SOE Knowledge Base.

  • In-game character transfers currently do not allow account to account transfers.
  • Token and related transfers are not refundable

  • Your account must currently be:
    • In an active (recurring billing) state
    • Your Game Pass has to be active for at least 31 days in a row.
    • At least 30 days old (paid subscriptions)

  • Your character must be:
    • Level 10 or higher
    • Have no damaged items or equipment (mend first)
    • No items listed on the broker (including boxes, crates, display cases, and coins)
    • No experience debt
    • No email or ghost mail. (Delete all mail and use the /clear_mailbox command)

  • Transfers that can be performed:
    • US to European (including UK) server transfers are now automated with the token
    • From PVP to PVP servers
    • From PVE to PVE servers
    • From PVE to PVP servers
    • From PVP to PVE servers

  • Your shared bank will not transfer! Be sure to empty your shared bank on your source and destination servers to avoid losing items.
  • If a character by the same name is already on the server, there will be an option to change the name of the character to a different one that is still within the scope of the Naming Policy. If you do not change your name an "x" will be appended to the end of your name. If you've transferred and are due a name change, use /rename to change your name.
  • There are no refunds for character transfers upon completion of transfer.

Transferring Characters Between Accounts

Transferring between accounts requires a manual transfer by customer service. You will have to verify ownership of both accounts. Do not purchase a Character Transfer Token until your accounts have been verified by Customer Service. All of the above requirements apply as well as these:

  • Account or Account/Server Transfers currently cost 1 token or 25 dollars per character.
  • There are no discounts for transferring multiple characters.
  • The destination account must match all features, expansions, character race packs etc, and have an available character slot.

Please see:

Manual Character Transfers in the SOE Knowledge Base

What Transfers

In a word, everything, provided you prepare properly for the move. You will want to remove all items from all shared banks involved before the transfer:

  • The character's house, access permissions, and all items therein, including the House Vault items, will transfer to the destination, intact.
  • The contents of the character's main bank will transfer, in whole, excluding the shared bank items, which are attached to the server/realm/account.
  • Items in the source account/server/realm's shared bank will become unavailable after the character arrives at its destination.

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