Tradeskill Rush Order Guide (EQ2)  

I decided to write this guide up after several members of the guild I'm in started knocking out rush order after rush order to boost our guild level up and caught two of our members saying pretty much the same thing. "Good going, wish I could do rush orders but I always fail."

Always? Yeap, they said always. As in they could never recall finishing one, ever.

The way my head works I just started thinking about ALL the ways that this could happen and just couldn't help but shake my head. This was something that needed to be fixed, so here I go again.

Now I have to warn you, before you read this you should go read my General Tradeskilling Guide because I will not be repeating everything there, that would defeat the purpose of this.

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Part 1 : Power Management

With rush orders, power management becomes something you really need to keep in mind. You are not going to be able to take time to let your power pool recharge and still be able to beat the timer, which is just over 8 minutes to complete 6 items.

Here's a list of what you should do:

1 : Wear social clothing and any item that boosts your crafting skills or chance of success.

2 : Drop all your stat buffs. No, don't respec your character if you have put things into your stats from that. I'm talking about buffs from spells and items.

3 : Do not use food or drink that boosts your power pool stat.

Part 2 : Item usage

This is very easy, more so if you have read my general guide. Make use of Power Totems and Drinks, just make sure that you do not get drinks that increase the stat that increases your power. A nice cheep strait power regen drink will work better in this case.

Any other items or abilities that you have access to that increase out of combat power regen are also useful. Rush orders are rough on your power pool.

Part 3 : Counter Skills

For the entire first bar of your progression make sure you always have a positive increase to your durability. Stay away from the ability that reduces your chance of success unless it is called for or you are using it after countering another ability. Use both your durability at cost of power and durability at cost of progress if that is what it takes. Just make sure you do what you can during that first, long bar, to keep your durability as high as possible.

Part 4 : Ghost Durability

The whole reason for Part 3 is to set up for this, Ghost Durability. Once that first bar is full switch up your counter abilities. Use your durability at cost of power and your progress at the cost of durability as much as you can, if you have been lucky, you should have a big stock of Ghost Durability saved up and can just pound out the progress. You can even use the progress at cost of success chance after you counter a different mishap, in fact I recommend it. Don't worry, if you use it after countering a mishap, it won't make you fail that test.

Part 5 : Time Savers.

The biggest time saver I have found is before I pick up the invoice for the rush order calls for opening your recipe book and typing in part of the name of the item chain you will be using. Such as Feyiron, or ironwood.

Now some of you are going to be annoyed at this, because you don't have a common name for the items in the tier your working in for your rush order. Here is what you do. Go into your recipe book and click edit. This will bring up a window where you can sort your book by recipes. Crafting level, techniques knowledge's, Recipe book's and classes usable by, it's all there.

Set your filter name to something like T3 Rush and hold down control and click all the books for that tier, just the normal ones, rush orders don't make use of advanced books.

This will cut down on how much you have to type in to find what you need to make next, or the amount you have to scroll threw.

When you go to click on the clipboard to start your rush order, try to pick the one closest to your crafting station, could save you a few seconds or more, which adds up on rush orders.

Last thing, big time saver. If you're doing a rush order, set your AFK and don't chat. Seems kinda obvious but, hey, we all like to talk.

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