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The Primary Professions

With Game Update #36, Artisans who would like to change their tradeskill class may seek a Tradeskill Career Counselor to discuss a change in profession. You must be level at least a level 10 crafter to change your class.

The NPC's are in the five cities which support crafting:

Hail the Tradeskill Career Counsellor to discuss your situation. After talking to him go back to the Crafting Trainer to declare your new class. If you ding 10 without doing so you will get your original class back.

When you confirm you want to respec:

  1. Your crafting class is set to "artisan"
  2. Your crafting level is set to 9
  3. Your old character flags that said you were a (insert-class-here) or (insert-subclass-here) are cleared
  4. Your recipe book is cleared of all recipes that are any of the primary crafting class skills AND require a skill over 49 (that's level 9) to scribe
  5. Your knowledge book is cleared of all tradeskill arts of any type (except tinkering/transmuting) that require a skill over 49
  6. Your tinkering or transmuting skill is NOT affected
  7. Your harvesting skills are NOT affected

This only effects your PRIMARY crafting skills primary crafting class skills. This means those oddball skills that used to be used for making interims remain (geomancy, etc.) and THAT means that the recipes from quests like "The Nest" are NOT removed from you. The higher level skills of those types WILL be removed however so good luck making something in The Nest at level 9 ... but you can certainly still try.

Heritage quests are also not removed. The Polished Granite Tomahawk, Manastone, and Stein of Moggok recipes are all 45 skill so aren't affected. The Wyrmslayer and Phylactery for the bone-clasped girdle do not use the primary crafting class skills so they also stay.

You DO lose class-specific recipes such as the armor recipes found in Deathfist Citadel or Emerald Halls. If you decide not to be an armorer any more, well, you don't get to make armor any more!

Recipe books requiring the "tinkering" or "transmuting" skill do not get removed, so if you're a transmuter and you have a bunch of transmuter adornment recipes, you keep those.

Note that if you had completed your Isle of Mara crafting tool quest, Rai Faela Nurwin in The Village of Shin will let you trade in you old one.

According to Domino, if you have completed your crafting epic, epic quests 4 on will be removed from your quest journal. You'll keep your title, cloak, and earring (although of course you won't be able to wear the cloak any more, nor the earring till you're 80 again) and when you reach 80 in your new profession you can start straight off from the archetype instance quests Neeta gives. Since the earring is lore you wouldn't get a second one but you'll get your new cloak and title and finish the quests again as normal. And if you respec for some bizarre reason in the middle of the quest series you'll be able to finish whatever step you're on but won't be given the next until you're 80 once again.

The Secondary Professions

With Sentinel's Fate one can be a Tinkerer, Transmuter, and Adorner all at the same time. There is no longer a mechanism (or a need for one) to change secondary classes.

Allakhazam credits this post by Domino at the SOE Official Forums for some of the info in this article.
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