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Once you are level Tradeskill level 90 you will start acquiring a Tradeskill Prestige point every 20% of a level. This means as a level 92 crafter on expansion day, you would start with 10 prestige points.

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Prestige Tree

Press "L" to open your Character Development Window. Then Press the "Tradeskill Prestige" button on the left. You can acquire a maximum of 25 Tradeskill Prestige points granted every 20% of a level over level 90. This is only enough points to fully develop one branch, so you'll have to make some choices.

The three branches are Refining, Experimentation, and Mass Production. Notice that if you skip one of the middle choices you could pick up the first Ability in another tree.


See: Salvaging
Developing your Refining abilities will:

  • Give you the Track Harvestables skill and allow you a greater chance of harvesting rares
  • An Artisan's Gathering Goblin
    An Artisan's Gathering Goblin
    give you a personal Gathering Goblin (like the Artisan's Pack Pony, but it can harvest rares),
    • Two hour harvest time
    • cooldown: rank 1, 12 hours; rank 2, 9 hours; rank 3, 6 hours, rank 4, 3 hours; instant recast for rank 5.
  • let you summon mobile crafting stations
    • tables despawn after 10 minutes
        • cooldown: rank 1, 12 hours; rank 2, 9 hours; rank 3, 6 hours, rank 4, 3 hours; instant recast for rank 5.
  • salvage items into raw materials
    • See; Salvaging
    • Beta testing gave these results: Treasured gear is likely to give you 1, 2 or 5 common resources back; Legendary is likely to give you 20 common or 1 rare, with a 50/50 chance or so at which you get; Fabled should give you 1 or 2 rares.)
    • The first rank in this allows you to salvage once an hour, then each additional rank reduces it 15 minutes until it's instant
  • refine harvestables into pure harvestables, which will add attributes to items made with them.
    • See: Refining
    • turn common harvests into vendor-sellable slag
    • turn your rares into a purer form of the rare
      • beta tested at a 50-50 chance of a rare or sellable slag
    • Cooldowns are 1hr/45min/30min/15min/instant
Summon Crafting Station Abilities
Summon Crafting Station Abilities


See: Experimentation
Developing your Experimentation abilities will:

  • increase your durability gain
  • increase your food and drink duration
  • Increase your speed and ground mount speed
    • each rank increases your ground mount and runspeed by 2%, and you can spend up to 5 points in this ability.
  • allow you to experiment on items to improve them.
    • each rank allows you to experiment once on a crafted piece of gear. This experimentation allows you to boost stats, add a proc or add a decoration.
    • you can experiment five times on an item (if you buy all five ranks). The more you experiment, the harder it gets to complete the item. Failure destroys the item. This is not for the easily distracted.

Mass Production

See: Mass Production
Developing your Mass Production abilities will:

  • increase your success rate
  • increase your critical success rate
  • increase your rate of progress
  • give you back raw materials
    • 4% return per point spent, up to 5 points
    • returns commons and fuels, not primaries.
  • increase your maximum crafting quantity
    • The first rank allows you to make five times as many items per combine; the second rank allows you to do 10 times; 25 times for rank three, 50 for rank 4, and 100 for rank 5.
    • For experience and writs each combine counts as a single normal combine with normal results.

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