The Golden Path  

Game Update #55
February 16,2010
We've heard it said in game that folks wished there was a write up on The Golden Path Quests. Well, there isn't really any such quest series. In short, "The Golden Path" is the name of a developer project designed to smooth out progression so that there are fewer leveling stalls and more clues on where to go next.

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A Pirate on a Quest

The closest thing we have to a Golden Path quest series is The Legend of Roger Goldie, a Hallmark quest series which moves the player from Butcherblock Mountains through Kylong Plains.

This is the so-called Golden Path progression, based on developer statements (below) and our in-game research.

  1. Start in Darklight Wood, Greater Faydark, Frostfang Sea or Timorous Deep
  2. Level 20: Butcherblock Mountains - You can speak to Ol' Man Silvers to pick up The Legend of Roger Goldie on the docks.
  3. Level 32: Steamfont Mountains
  4. Level 42: Lavastorm
  5. Level 52: Sinking Sands
  6. Level 57: Tenebrous Tangle - A new quest series moves you through all KoS content
  7. Level 65: Kylong Plains - Working through Kunark Content should leave you around Level 80
  8. Level 77: The Sundered Frontier

About the Golden Path

The Golden Path was first mentioned in SOE Podcast #77. Adam "Zaphax" Stevens, EQII game designer, mentioned “the Golden Path.” The development team had been revisiting old zones, cleaning them up and making them better. “We want to make a path for new players or players that are making new characters where they can level up a new character quickly and effectively through a bunch of zones that we've gone through and really made sure are just top-notch content,” Zaphax said. [1]

On February 18, 2010, Alan "Brenlo" Crosby, former EQII Senior Producer, posted on the Official Forums:

The golden path is the first step in a larger revamp of our new player experience. We took a look at the starting areas, other than Qeynos and Freeport as we plan to move away from those, and reworked content so that it had a better flow. We wanted the quests in Darklight, Timorous and Greater Fay, to give you a better progression path. What you will find, is that if you start a new character, or jump into any of the quest hubs in those areas, is a more guided experience through content. We have hundreds of zones and for non veteran players, it can be intimidating trying to figure out where to go next. We wanted to remove that intimidation and give them a better play experience. So phase one is the "Golden Path" of content. A better progression of quests through various hubs starting in the three new player areas above. If you go to any of the zones listed in the update notes and start questing at one of the hubs, you are now on the "Golden Path!"

Phase two, which is following in the upcoming months, will introduce the Storyteller window (which is a much better name than Golden Path) which will link quest lines together in an interface, providing the visual representation of the golden path. We want players to understand why they may be collecting 10 oranges or killing 15 Goblin Scouts and show how that evolves into a larger story. The Storyteller System will move players along through content that we feel will give them a fun and exciting experience. While also engaging them in the world, the story and their character.

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