Shadow Odyssey Tradeskill Missions (EQ2 Quest Series)  

Shadow Odyssey Tradeskill Missions
Quest Series
Starting ZoneMoors of Ykesha
Rec. LevelsArtisan 50+
Previous Introduction to TSO
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EverQuest II
Quest Series

NOTE: You must complete the quest Ship Out before you can speak to Kaisha Swifteasel for rush orders. For all other quests mentioned below, this quest is no longer required, but it is a good idea since doing Ship Out will give you Far Seas Supply Division faction, which will go towards your ability to buy items from the faction merchant in Mara and the Tranquil Sea, instead of just grinding the daily missions or writs over and over from scratch.

Far Seas Supply Division

The Shadow Odyssey introduces a new concept: Tradeskill Group Instances. Every day, one tradeskill group mission is offered by Madria Varas in The Village of Shin). All group members must have first completed the introductory tradeskill quest Ship Out in the Moors of Ykesha. These quests can be shared but expire at midnight.

Although the group instances can be finished entirely solo, it will take approximately 2 1/2 - 3 hours to complete the necessary 108 combines. It really helps to bring a friend or three!

You may get one solo mission every 7 days, and one group mission every 24 hours.

Solo Missions

Click on the cabinet closest to the left counter when you are upstairs in Outsider's Landing to receive these quests. A new solo quest is available every Thursday, starting at midnight PST.

Group Missions

Speak to Madria Varas to begin these quests. See also: Generic directions for Tradeskill Group Missions

Rush Orders

Speak to Far Seas Supply Requisition Foreman Kaisha Swifteasel to receive Rush Orders. You are offered a range of orders for your crafting profession and in steps of 5 levels (54, 59, 64, 69, 74, 79). Each will have you craft 6 items within 8 and a half minutes and will pay you coin commensurate with the level, plus +500 faction with Far Seas Supply Division.

Moors of Ykesha

These solo quests can be completed once per day for each faction. The quests are not randomly given and will cycle through their order. Our ordering below does not reflect the order in which they're given in game.

Clan Grobb

Speak to Broosha Gatormarrow at Grobb.

Guktan Guard

Speak to Reedip Marrstongue at Tupta.

Survival Accord

Speak to Hophip Valorfeet at Firmroot Moot.

See also: Tradeskill Quests

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