Sentinel's Fate Tradeskill Quests (EQ2 Quest Series)  

Sentinel's Fate Tradeskill Quests
Quest Series
Starting ZoneThe Sundered Frontier
Rec. LevelsArtisan 80+
Previous Tradeskill Epic
Artisan's Journey
Next Sentinel's Fate Daily Missions
Sentinel's Fate Signature Quest
Velious Tradeskill Quests
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EverQuest II
Quest Series

The Sentinel's Fate contains the longest tradeskill quest line in any expansion yet. Start in The Sundered Frontier with a high elf named Felice Adae who is the Far Seas Trading Representative. She is standing at 2082, -235, 2643 not far from The Great Spire.

You must be level 80 in a tradeskill in order to get these quests.

Far Seas quests give you a Far Seas Trading Company Token with the coin reward. For a list of Far Seas faction items available, see Far Seas Faction Items. Other Odus crating factions have special recipes for crafters.

If you would like to be totally, extra-special prepared for this series, see the Shopping List, below, and go on a harvesting binge first! Also be sure to buy ALL of your fuels as there is one place with crafting stations and no Fuel Merchant or Banker.

Crafting Factions

Crafters can earn favor with four main factions in The Sentinel's Fate: the Craftkeepers of Paineel, Kerra Isle, Researchers of Quel'ule, and Hua Mein Craftsmen. The last three are each oriented towards outfitters, scholars, and craftsmen, respectively. Faction rewards include additional recipes as well as house items and other non-combat type items.

Doing the main quest line for each of the three archetype factions (Kerra, Hua Mein, and Quel'ule) should leave you at +4000 faction. There are subsequent daily missions if you wish to increase this further. If you are not the archetype that aligns with that quest faction you will only be able to complete 5/7 daily missions they offer - those of the correct archetype for that faction will have an advantage.

In addition, Alchemist Janicia in Rivervale is offering a new quest to alchemists for further dust distillation recipes.


  • Factions: Far Seas Supply Division, City of Paineel and Craftkeepers
  • Faction Merchant: Al'Diun Stirhinis in Paineel Commons ( 1811, -299, 3512 )
    • No recipes.

These quests start with Felice Adae on Spire Island:

  1. A Far Seas Favor
  2. Market Research
  3. By Land, Air, or Teleporter
  4. I, Spybot
  5. Insider Trading - You must now do the quests for the various factions in Paineel before receiving the final quest
    1. Native Knowledge - Or'Iku in the Mercantile Court
    2. Adeela in the Mercantile Court
      1. Errand for the Craftkeepers
      2. Aaliya in the Hall of Wizardry
        1. Tranquil Assistance
      3. Errand for the Craftkeepers, part 2
      4. Safa in the Hall of the Fell Blade
        1. Knightly Assistance
      5. Errand for the Craftkeepers, part 3
      6. Sumit in the Hall of Necromancy
        1. Seeking Assistance
        2. Seeking Answers
      7. Orders from Above
      8. Errand for the Craftkeepers, part 4
      9. Aysha at the Eye of Dartain
        1. Replenishing the Observers
        2. News from Above
      10. Report to Quel'ule - Adeela sends you to Quel'ule
  6. Remote Markets - Felice Adae sends you to Kerra Isle

Kerra Isle


  1. Outfitting the Kerra: Sticks and Stones
  2. Outfitting the Kerra: The Best Defense
  3. Outfitting the Kerra: Medical Necessities
  4. Outfitting the Kerra: Weedy Business
  5. Outfitting the Kerra: Keeping Warm
  6. Outfitting the Kerra: Medical Salvation
  7. Outfitting the Kerra: Watching the Watchers
  8. Outfitting the Kerra: A Strange Spirit
  9. continues with An Ancient Hua Mein Spirit
    1. Hua Mein Craft: First Contact
    2. Hua Mein Craft: Stolen Remains
    3. Hua Mein Craft: Rest in Peace
    4. Hua Mein Craft: Confusion and Misdirection
    5. Hua Mein Craft: Behind the Scenes

The Hua Mein Village

To enter The Hua Mein Village you must have Jin'tu's Gift. This can be obtained from completing either Hua Mein Craft: Confusion and Misdirection or Battle of Ages Past.

The Hua Mein Village does not have any crafting stations, nor so they have a Banker or a Mailbox. This means that you will have to travel back to The City of Paineel to do all crafting (or to your home city, or guild hall, or whatever).

Li Sing <Provisioner>

  1. Hua Mein Craft: Restful Totems (85)
  2. Hua Mein Craft: Fishy Business (85)
  3. Hua Mein Craft: Supplementary Camouflage (85)


NOTE: As of the hotfix on 2/25/2010 the Quel'ule Faction Merchant, Sata, now sells fuels.

Researcher Tahar

  1. Researching Quel'ule: Soil Samples (85)
  2. Researching Quel'ule: Captive Creature (85)
  3. Researching Quel'ule: Creating a Craftier Critter Container (85)
  4. Researching Quel'ule: Minding My Minerals (85)
  5. Researching Quel'ule: Lens Crafter (85)
  6. Researching Quel'ule: Synthetic Synthesis (85)
  7. Researching Quel'ule: Words of Warding (85)
  8. Researching Quel'ule: Stabilizing the Fields (85)
  9. Shadows of the Betrayed - 14 earth days after you finish this series Researcher Tahar will mail you an artifact, which starts this Tradeskill Signature quest.

Signature Quest

Fourteen earth days after you finish the Quel'ule series Researcher Tahar will mail you an artifact, which starts this Tradeskill Signature quest. The reward is an item with a clickable Escape (when equipped) and appearances unique to each Artisan class.

Shopping List

This list will supply the whole series above.




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