Research (EQ2)  

Research Assistant NPCs became obsolete with an update on 12/7/2010.

To research, access the "Research" tab in your Knowledge book.
(default hotkey is "K")

The researchers are currently offering their services to upgrade your spells and combat arts. Players are unable to research an ability until they obtain level 20.

For skills below level 20, they only require less than a day to provide you with your upgrade. After level 20, the higher level the spell you require, the longer it will take to accurately research the components, up to around 30 days.

Research Assistants will only upgrade one spell or ability at a time per character.

  • Apprentice abilities are upgraded to Journeyman
  • Journeyman abilities are upgraded to Adept
  • Adept abilities are upgraded to Expert
  • Expert abilities are upgraded to Master

It has been estimated that researching a level 90 Apprentice ability fully to Master will take over 75 days. Players can reduce research times by purchasing Journeyman or Expert spell upgrades from crafters or by acquiring Adept or Master books from either mob drops or on the broker.

Should you choose to discontinue research on a specific spell and change to a different one, the research time already spent on the previous ability on your behalf will be applied to the new spell.

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