Ratonga (EQ2 Character Race)  

Racial Information
Starting Cities
Good: Kelethin or New Halas
Evil: Gorowyn or Neriak
Starting Attributes
ClassesMage, Scout
ProfessionsAlchemist, Carpenter, Weaponsmith
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Racial Traditions

Ratonga: The Cryptic Cabal

  • Racial Homeland: The Underfoot
  • Mythical Creator: Brell Serilis
  • Traditional Roles: Scout, Mage

Though lacking strength, the excellent agility of ratonga often has them becoming scouts. They are also quick students of magic.

The ratonga are a race of rodent humanoids about the height of a dwarf. Their bodies are covered in thick hair, and they have long furless tails. Their eyes are small and beady, best suited for the dark. Ratonga are a somewhat weak race, their armor most often made of hides or light chain mail forged of rare alloys. They prefer to lurk in the shadows and remain unseen: whatever they don is usually made to be silent and blend in with the darkness.

The ratonga are a race of intelligent rat-like creatures approximately the same height as dwarves. Little is known of the ratonga's background. The race was first encountered in the Age of War; ratonga guides aided Freeport Militia troop movements through subterranean tunnels to the Desert of Ro, allowing supplies and troops to move while the great city was under a long siege. After the encounter, the ratonga vanished back into the depths they were found in. The ratonga did not reappear for ages, until the massive earthquakes of the Rending began to rip the continent of Antonica into pieces. Rumors surfaced that the ratonga were a tribe of rat-men related to the Chertari of Dragon Necropolis, a theory that the ratonga themselves seemed to encourage. However, it quickly became clear that these new arrivals were an order of magnitude more intelligent than the Chertari, leading many to speculate that the race's origins might lie in the Underfoot itself. On this subject, the ratonga say nothing.

The ratonga often emblazon a symbol on their chest. This symbol is always the same, whatever it may mean.

The ratonga show no spiritual inclinations, with no outward worship of any known deity. What transpires in the shadows when the ratonga congregate is unknown.

Game Update 60
Ratonga changed from evil to neutral alignment in Game Update 60.

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