Rabbits (EQ2)  

Except for an obscure recipe name, rabbits were unheard of in Norrath until April, 2014. Just before Bristlebane Day 2014 assorted bunnies appeared all over Norrath in overland zones as non-attackable NPC's. Thus far the only thing they are used for in game are the Bristlebane Bunnies achievements, which may only be accomplished during Bristlebane Day.

A Halasian Jackrabbit mount
A Halasian Jackrabbit mount
April 17, 2014, more rabbits appeared on the EQ2 Marketplace as mounts and house items. The mounts are assorted Hares and Jackrabbits: all modify stats in different ways so examine them before you buy! The house items are duplicates of the overland NPC bunnies, but are called "Hares" instead.

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