Prestige Talents (EQ2)  

Game Update #63
April 17, 2012

Prestige Talents were added to Character Progression with Game Update 63. At level 90 you'll stop earning AA and instead earn Prestige Points. You'll no longer have to choose between experience and points; instead you earn Prestige Points automatically as you level, one point every 20% of a level

Press "L" to open the Character Development window, then select the Prestige button on the left. If you have points to spend there will be an exclamation point on the button. The talents available to you vary by class.

The Troubador Prestige Tree
The Troubador Prestige Tree

This tree is not intended to provide nearly as much increase to character power as the Heroic Tree did. None of the new talents are intended to make a huge increase to player power.

The columns are intended to provide two distinct paths. Most classes are fairly straightforward - DPS vs. Healing, Area of Effect DPS vs. Single Target DPS, ect - but Rogues, Summoners, Bards, and Enchanters each have a column dedicated to what we've been calling "versatility," which is intended to expand the role of the class slightly or provide a situational benefit that does not directly increase DPS. The devs expect those columns to be significantly less popular among min/max'ers, but obviously they need to be viable in other playstyles.

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