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This document will grow, but here are the general guidelines for how a page should be named here on the EverQuest II Wikibase.

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Pages Embedded in Database Entries

These are the wiki panels inserted into a classic Allakhazam database entry. They are easy to spot 2 ways:

  1. The URL does not contain the word "wiki" in it, but instead says "db"
  2. The wiki area on the screen is a much smaller sub-section of the full screen space.
You do not have to worry about how to name these, since that is controlled by the database engine. However, if you need to link to a database entry, you need to know a few things. A normal wiki link uses the well-known double square brackets, like [[this]]. A database link modifies this with a prefix that tells the database knows which table to search for the entry.

Assuming an entry named "Wombat", the following links should be used:

  • For a mob, use [[EQ2 Mob:Wombat]]
  • For a quest, use [[EQ2 Quest:Wombat]]
  • For an item, use [[EQ2 Item:Wombat]]
  • For an object, use [[EQ2 Object:Wombat]]
  • For a zone, use [[EQ2 Zone:Wombat]]
  • For a faction, use [[EQ2 Faction:Wombat]]

See? That was easy.

Free-Standing Wikibase Pages

That is to say, wikibase pages that are not embedded in a database entry, have to follow a few rules so that they do not get lost or confused with all the other games here at Allakhazam's.

NOTE: Page names that contain a suffix, such as (EQ2), will not display the suffix on the page. It is, however, important that you use them so the database can keep it's pages straight!

Races and Classes

Every fantasy game includes many of the same races and classes, such as Dark Elf, Human, Halfling and Fighter, Wizard, Cleric, etc. Because of this, we have to use disambiguation to make clear which game the page belongs to. Because these topics have a lot of related information, these are mostly category pages with text on top. Generally, a redirect should be made from the non-category page to help avoid confusion.

  • [[High Elf (EQ2 Character Race)]] is for a playable character race
  • [[High Elf (EQ2 Mob Race)]] is for a High Elf that appears as a mob
  • [[:Category:Fighter (EQ2 Archetype)]] links to the Fighter archetype, including Guardian, Berserker, Monk, Bruiser, Paladin and Shadowknight
  • [[:Category:Cleric (EQ2 Class)]] links to the Cleric class, which includes Templar and Inquisitor.
  • [[:Category:Wizard (EQ2 Subclass)]] links to the page describing all things a Wizard needs in EQ2


Categories need to be arranged hierarchically, with less precision at the top and maximum precision at the bottom. Note that categories that aren't likely to be confused with other games do not have to have EQ2 in front of the name.

Example: Here are a group of categories, all related to Points of Interest, or POIs

Note: In the case of POIs, there is a template, EQ2 POIInfo, that handles the creation and assignment of most of the lower tiers of the POI hierarchy. The same is true of many other category trees.

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