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War-barded White Cavalry Horse

On June 24, 2011 ground mounts had their speed increased. Most mounts were at 65% or so before this update. They'll now be at 130-135%, and can get up in the 150%s with AAs and buffs.

Mounts are an out-of-combat runspeed buff that doesn't stack with non-mounted out-of-combat runspeed buffs such as Spirit of the Wolf, and bard songs. Very high level mounts sometimes have other effects attached to the buff, which persist indoors even though the movement speed component doesn't function there.

Mounts can be acquired almost any way you can think of. They are most frequently purchased, but are also available via quests, faction, mob drops, and Legends of Norrath loot cards.

Mounts may also be placed in your home as a house item. Simply right-click and the item which calls the mount while in your home for that option.

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Buying a Mount

Each major city has a stable where some mounts are available for coin (or at a reduced cost with guild level and status points). Mounts are also available for purchase on other contents, often requiring guild levels or faction.

Major Cities

  • Kelethin: Trainer Lucien Laurel at 589.58, 44.97, 90.74
  • Neriak: Charvar Hoofscraper at 166, 22, 74
  • South Qeynos: Stable Hand Marcellun Iver at 406, -20, 227
  • Timorous Deep: Verkaera Myr'zok at 2374, 22, 1332
  • The City of Freeport: Handler Pachomius at 130, -4, -92
  • The City of Freeport: Valencia Rhein at -213, 56, 105
  • New Halas: Trainer Lillgard Thunderrider at 64, 152, 15

Other Areas

  • Kunark: Laydin Haggus in Teren's Grasp. Laydin sells all the mounts available at city stables, but they are significantly more expensive.

Specialty Mount Merchants

The TSO Bear Whistle Mount

Wait, Where's My Mount?

With GU58 and the new mount tab in your Character window, all mounts automatically drop into the mount window upon acquisition.

The Mounts

There are over 300 mounts available in game, all listed in our Mounts Wiki Category Page. Here are some breakdowns to help make finding what you want easier:

Flying Mounts

Glider Mounts

  • Glider Mounts - Flying mounts were introduced with June 24, 2011 and are level 60+.

Leaper Mounts

  • Leaper Mounts - Flying mounts were introduced with June 24, 2011 and are level 30+.

Mounts by Speed

Mounts by Acquisition

T'Vosh, a looted mount.

Mounts by Availability

Mounts by Expansion

EverQuest II

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