Mentoring (EQ2)  

The Mentoring system in EverQuest II allows players to group with lower-level characters. In effect, it is sanctioned power-leveling.

  • When you right click a lower level group member, you will see an option to Mentor them.
  • Selecting "Mentor" will make you appear and perform as if you were the same level as your Apprentice. It will be as if you were that level with a full bar of XP, and had all of the abilities that a person with a full experience bar of that level would have.
  • The Apprentice will receive an experience bonus while under the guidance of a Mentor. Up to 5 other players can act as a Mentor for a single player at the same time. Each subsequent person Mentoring an Apprentice adds to the bonus experience that the Apprentice receives. A single Apprentice can be mentored by up to five other people.
  • The Mentors and Apprentice will receive experience, loot, and quest credit as if the Mentor were the same level as the Apprentice.
  • Mentors do receive viable amounts of experience and advance toward their actual level while mentoring, though at a slightly reduced rate.
  • A Mentor can right click their Apprentice and select "Stop Mentoring" when they wish to stop acting as a Mentor.
  • If the Mentor or Apprentice leaves the group, the Mentor will go back to their original level.

Self Mentoring

Introduced with GU53, this allows a player to temporarily change their level without mentoring another player. See: Chronomagic.

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