Master Wu  

Master Wu
The Enlightened
Demi-God of Serenity
HomePlane of Tranquility
EverQuest II
PersonaMaster Wu
Master Wu the Enlightened was transformed into the Demi-God of Serenity before the Planes of Power happened. As a parting gift before giving up his plane's existance due to the mortal's interference, he created a katar consisting of 5 blades that each represented 1 of the 5 aspects of Serenity. This weapon was given to a monk and entrusted to the Ashen Order at T'Narev to guard until it was needed again.

It was used in the Battle of Defiance, where it struck the killing blow against the Avatar of War, and then consequently shattered. Each blade was entrusted to a monk to guard, but each monk ended up going thier separate ways. Some of them being corrupted by evil.[1]

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