Kerra (EQ2 Character Race)  

Racial Information
Starting Cities
Good: Kelethin or New Halas
Evil: Gorowyn or Neriak
Starting Attributes
ProfessionsAlchemist, Woodworker, Tailor
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Racial Traditions

Kerra: Felines of the Quiet Storm

  • Racial Homeland: Kerra Isle on Odus
  • Mythical Creator: Unknown
  • Traditional Roles: Scout, Fighter, Priest

The feline agility of the kerra lends itself well to the life of the scout. Yet their strength and wisdom allow them to excel as brave fighters and noble priests.

Kerra are a large humanoid feline race, their bodies covered in fur with colors and patterns denoting their lineage. They are tall and powerful with great agility, their tails able to perform menial tasks almost with minds of their own. Their massive heads contain maws filled with sharp teeth capable of latching onto prey and neatly snapping bones in two. They are a shamanistic culture that revels in beads, jewelry, and a wide range of ceremonial adornments.

Female Kerra are a bit larger than males, thus they have developed as a matriarchal culture. Kerra trace their ancestry back to their first great leader, Kejaan. He traveled the continent of Odus, uniting the various tribes into one kingdom and ushering in an era of peace and prosperity. One day, Erud and his High Men arrived to settle the continent. This splinter group of humans took over much kerra land; even worse, a great plague infected many and caused massive deaths. The kerra blamed the Heretics and their study of necromancy. Kejaan succumbed to the plague, leaving his son Vah Kerrath as leader. He vowed to make the Heretics pay.

During the civil war between the Erudites and the Heretics, a huge explosion of mystical forces teleported an entire kerra village to the dark side of the moon of Luclin. Vah Kerrath survived the journey and renamed his lost tribe the Vah Shir. The kerra on Norrath scattered; some went west to settle Kerra Isle, others east to a tiny island in Erud's Crossing, and others fled deep into the Stonebrunt Mountains. Much later, a path to Luclin was breached and some Vah Shir returned to Kerra Isle, breeding a new, stronger people.

Kerra have traditionally been shamanistic in nature, worshiping no specific deity by honoring the spirits of the land and those of their ancestors. Kerran society is matriarchal; females are most often the priests and leaders, while males provide food and protect the tribe.

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