Iksar (EQ2 Character Race)  

Racial Information
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Starting Attributes
ClassesMage, Fighter
ProfessionsAlchemist, Tailor, Armorer
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Iksar: Reptilian tyrants

Their strong stamina and fierce natures have guided many iksars to walk to path of the fighter, while their keen intellect allows them to become powerful mages.

The iksar are a physically imposing race. Their tall, broad, scaly forms and powerful sweeping tails have brought fear to many armies of Norrath's past. The skin of an iksar is covered with scales nearly as thick as a layer of chain mail. Their scaled broad snout opens to reveal a maw of razor-sharp teeth, and their eyes are hypnotic and fiendish. In fact, this entire race's appearance is formidable; many know of the mighty iksar of ages gone by, and have learned to avoid them. The iksar seem dressed for battle on every occasion, their armor dark to aid them in movements through the night and shadows.

The iksar are a tall reptilian race created by Cazic-Thule. Their major sphere of influence has always been on the continent of Kunark, where they have long been one of the primary cultures. The iksar have a rich but painful heritage. At one time, their Sebilisan Empire controlled Kunark with a fierceness and utter dominance comparable to that of the original Rallosian Empire on Antonica. Though they ruled Kunark with a might challenged only by the dragons themselves, the iksar have also undergone long periods of enslavement and humiliation. This history has caused the race to despise outsiders and depend only on each other for strength. The architecture and design of the iksar is exemplified in Sebilis, Cabilis and the City of Mist, revealing a penchant for dojo-like structures and minimalist design. As a race, the iksar exemplify perhaps the purest form of evil on Norrath. Rather than wallowing in pettiness and corruption, iksar embody orderly, a direct wickedness. They do not hide their intentions or practice subterfuge; they hate everyone openly and equally.

The iksar are a very strong race, well suited for the physical combat styles of the fighter classes. Their keen intellect allows them to be powerful mages, with a definite emphasis on dark forms of magic. Their cunning nature allows them to be excellent scouts.

On Kunark, the iksar maintained a fierce devotion to their maker, Cazic-Thule. They based their culture on his doctrines of Fear, honoring that primal influence in every aspect of their lives, especially in divine matters.

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