Human (EQ2 Character Race)  

Racial Information
Starting Cities
Good: Kelethin or New Halas
Evil: Gorowyn or Neriak
Starting Attributes
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Racial Traditions

Human: Champions of diversity and adaptation

  • Racial Homeland: Old Antonica
  • Mythical Creator: None
  • Racial Language: Common (PvE), or Antonican and Lucanic (PvP)
  • Traditional Roles: Any

Humans are the most balanced of all races. Whether choosing to become a fighter, priest, mage, or scout, humans will discover unlimited paths of opportunity.

Humans are diverse in nearly every aspect of their abilities and culture. They possess a wide range of physical features, and their values and principles are equally varied. Capable of both amazing deeds and kindness and thoughtless acts of cruelty, they have risen to prominence among many of the older races. The thriving cities of Qeynos and Freeport stand as testaments to the culture and prosperity of the human race.

Three words best exemplify the strength of humans: diversity, ingenuity, and adaptability. No other race has as many beliefs and class options, few races match their ability to think creatively, and no race has proven to accept change as well as humanity. As an evolutionary offshoot of the barbarians, humans are generally more refined than their northern ancestors. Though they excel at no singular profession and have nothing extraordinary in the way of physical attributes, humans can fill virtually any role well, making up for their shortcomings with quick thinking.

The height of human power came at the end of the Age of Blood, when the mighty Combine Empire ruled over most of Norrath. Eventually the empire splintered, with most of its leaders carrying their internal conflicts to the moon of Luclin. Relics of the Combine Empire have long dotted the landscapes of Norrath. A more intellectual subset of humans, the Erudites, long ago separated themselves from the less cerebral kin. Erudites have since experienced an evolution of their own.

Qeynos and Freeport stand as monuments to the design and culture of humans. Having survived the Age of Cataclysms relatively unscathed, it is humanity that now holds the greatest advantage.

Humans run the gamut in terms of religious choice and forms of worship. Perhaps as a result of the cultural implications of the Shattering, humans now even pursue shamanistic forms of worship, a path they had previously shunned as too primitive.

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