High Elf (EQ2 Character Race)  

Racial Information
High Elf
Starting Cities
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Starting Attributes
ClassesPriest, Mage
ProfessionsSage, Jeweler, Tailor
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Racial Traditions

High Elf: Sworn Defenders of the Laws of Tunare

  • Racial Homeland: Felwithe
  • Mythical Creator: Tunare
  • Traditional Roles: Mage, Priest

An ancient race both intelligent and wise, high elves make exceptional mages and priests. Though some might consider the lifestyle beneath them, their natural agility also makes them skilled scouts.

Smaller than humans, the lithe high elves have facial features that are graceful and captivating. The high elf complexion is pale and flawless; facial hair is rarely present. Their hair is like fine silk, long but often cinched behind their necks with long strands wrapped up in elegant designs. Of all the races save the Erudites, the high elves wear the finest cloth apparel on Norrath. They have access to rare threads and even rarer tailoring talents. Their armor is always in pristine condition; the metal used to craft this fine armor is usually unexpectedly light, while still retaining strength and durability.

Koada'Dal (Koada;high, Dal;elf) are the fair-skinned children of Tunare, Goddess of Growth. Tall and slender, high elves embody elegance and culture, having long made their home within the pristine stone walls of Felwithe. The Koada'Dal appreciate art and design, surrounding themselves with examples of their artistic and intellectual superiority. Above all else, high elves are an orderly and disciplined people. Though benevolent in nature, they look down on other races as being less pure than themselves. Their wood elf cousins exist chiefly to do their bidding, and most other races are merely tolerated. Evil races, especially their mortal enemies the dark elves, are worthy only to a quick and efficient death. High elves see themselves as the chosen Elves of Tunare, a perspective that has caused the development of their well-known egos.

High elves worship the Mother of All, Tunare. Even though she has apparently withdrawn from the Plane of Growth, they remain convinced that she will return and help her greatest creations regain their ancestral home. Koada'Dal templars and paladins remain devoted to Tunare's teachings.

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