Heroes' Festival (EQ2 Live Event)  

The Heroes' Festival is the EverQuest II Anniversary celebration, first introduced to the game for the 5th anniversary on November 24, 2009.

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Too many alts? Use our Heroes' Festival Quest Tracker to help keep track of them during the event!

Though denizens of Norrath are seen celebrating the festival in every city, only Freeport and Qeynos will offer quests to players. Exiles can speak to a Heroes' Festival promoter at -80, -68, -58 in Haven to be teleported to either Antonica or Commonlands and can attempt to sneak into the cities from there.

All quests begin near Execution Plaza in the City of Freeport (West Freeport) or near the Qeynos Claymore in Qeynos Capitol District (North Qeynos) unless otherwise noted.

10th Anniversary

Introduced in 2014.


Festival Band in Freeport
Festival Band in Freeport

  • Thumore's Absence - Speak to Darrget Xyl'mir near the Mage Academy at -19, -8, -155 in Freeport (North) (non-repeatable)
    1. Shattered Remains - Speak to Thumore D'armer in A Collection of Dreams (repeatable once per year)
    2. A Dream Adventure - Speak to Thumore D'armer in the City of Freeport (North) (repeatable once per year)


Fireworks Magician in Qeynos
Fireworks Magician in Qeynos



Event Merchant

Visit a Heroes' Festival merchant in Freeport (West) at 68, -20, 90 or in Qeynos Capitol District at 310, -21, -46 to purchase some Heroes' Festival themed items! Purchase prices are either in coin or Tokens of Heroism, which you can obtain from event quests.

Introduced in 2014
Item Price
Baelon's Plushie 100 Mischeva's Tribute
L25-95 Armor
Huge variety of pieces
12-15 Mischeva's Tribute
L25-95 Weapons
Huge variety of pieces
40 Mischeva's Tribute
Rhoen Theer Plushie 100 Mischeva's Tribute
Darathar Plushie 100 Mischeva's Tribute
The Djinn Master Plushie 100 Mischeva's Tribute
Trakanon Plushie 100 Mischeva's Tribute
Statue of the Heroic Lance 15
Statue of the Heroic Blade 15
The Clock of Ages 25
My Adventures in the Commonlands 5
Trading with the Far Seas 5
Cloak of Rememberance 25
Cloak of Direction 25

Introduced in 2013
Item Price
Burnished Crystal Egg 1
Cryptographer's Coverings 5
Frozen Crystal Egg 1
Hero's Memorial 3
Verdant Crystal Egg 1
Vibrant Banner of Antonia 15
Vibrant Banner of the Overlord 15

Introduced in 2012
Item Price
Heroes' Festival Boots 36s 
Heroes' Festival Minstrel Boots 36s 
Heroes' Festival Minstrel Coat 36s 
Heroes' Festival Minstrel Gloves 36s 
Heroes' Festival Minstrel Greaves 36s 
Heroes' Festival Minstrel Mantle 36s 
Heroes' Festival Robe 36s 
Silly Celebrator's Hat 36s 

5 Year Anniversary

Antonia Addresses her Subjects
Antonia Addresses her Subjects
Sir Lucan Boasts to the Crowd
Sir Lucan Boasts to the Crowd
The following quests and items were only available during the 5 year anniversary celebration in 2009.

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Heroes' Festival
Occurs annually to celebrate the anniversary of EverQuest II.

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